what the what?

11:57 PM

This is dedicated to Brooke & Rich. Who sat me through the first four seasons of 30 Rock in basically all of one Christmas break last year.

But seriously, does anyone remember how hilarious that show was? 

That second season is, like ROFLCOPTR level funny. Any show that makes up its own songs automatically shoots up, like, ten points. (Or shows that use Gladys Knight)

I have been tweeting in honor of Frank's vast array of hats. 

What is it about college that gets me so into TV? 

Because, on a similar note, I've started watching Lost again.

And you really don't want me to start talking about Lost....

"Dude. You've got some Arzt... on you."

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  1. Hmmm, nothing so great as sharing good taste in TV with my sista.

    Personal favorite line is probably . . .

    Liz: "Why are you wearing a tux?!"

    Jack: "It's after six, what am I a farmer?"

  2. I'm flattered to be honored and excited to continue the tra-dish.

    One of my top five: "What is this, Horseville? 'Cause I'm surrounded by naysayers! Wordplay!" - Tracy


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