doctor's visit

11:11 PM

I may have mentioned before that my eye sight is the bane of my existence.

I went to the doctor's yesterday.

Not the eye doctor.

Just the normal one.

But they still had to test my vision, or whatever. The nurse is a cute, short Ukrainian woman who told me, "I hope you go on your mission to my country." She stands across the hall and points at the letters.

[nurse] "Cover one eye please and read the bottom line, dear."
[me] "...euhhhhh..."
"How about the one above?"
"... I think I can read line 7. TGIF (do you think they did that on purpose??) P, wait, no THAT's an F, B, no D."
*nurse shakes her head.
"No? Well, um. Line 6 is KAOL, no, Y T."
*nurse shakes her head
"Line 1 has the letter E!"

Some days I wonder how I got my driver's license.

Anyway, the visit to the doctor's was an overall success.

First of all, I forgot to use the bathroom before I went. Ergo... I could successfully pee in a cup. FOR THE WIN. Last time I was that girl who had to wait in the lab for an additional 30 minutes until my body could process the gallon of water that I consumed while stationed next to the water fountain. It was really stupid.

Though needles have never freaked me out, turns out getting shots isn't really my thing. (Is that anyone's thing? First person to answer Edward Cullen gets two round house kicks to the face). Even though I had four billion immunizations before going to Tahiti, somehow the last two shots that I've had back in the states have caused me to all-but pass out.

The Ukrainian nurse gave me a TB test. As I'm suffering from all that pass-outy stuff, the doctor comes in to start the doctor questionnaire.

[doc]: "How's your overall health?"
[me]: "Oh... fine..." Don't worry that my eyeballs are rolling into the back of my head and I'm perspiring so much that my sweat could mop your whole floor.
"How about today? How are you feeling?"
"Great. Good. Fine. I mean, not very good. I actually feel really sick. She just... gave me the... TB..."
"Let's lie you down."

Five... ten.... some minutes later, (I completely lost track of time. I don't think I actually passed out, but I did lie there and stopped thinking/functioning), I sit up: "I think I can answer your questions a little better now..."

Later I had to give a blood sample. After some coaching from the doc "JUST TELL THEM YOU NEED TO LIE DOWN. Don't be embarrassed, it happens to everyone. And be prepared for when you pass out. NO NEED TO ACT TOUGH." I was so ready for my arm to be stabbed to shreds, I lied down on the bed like a boss and told them to BRING IT.

Nothing happened.

Story of my life.

By far, though, the lowlight was discovering that I was, in fact, only 5'6".

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  1. What?! No way. That means that I am taller than you because I am 5'6" and a HALF.


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