high fiving a million angels

2:34 PM

SarKar and I wandered around the mall for an HOUR to find a cardigan to match her new tank. First of all, searching in Forever 21 for a cardigan is like looking for a $10 swimming suit from J-Crew. Turns out that looking for cardigans anywhere in the mall is a quest without reward. Even the GAP had nothing, wouldn't you think that joint would be, like, cardigan central? We finally found a girl with the exact cardigan we wanted. Guess where she got it? "At Gap, like, four years ago..."

WE ARE NOT YESTERDAY'S NEWS. CARDIGANS CAN STILL LOOK GOOD. (You shoulda seen that Sarah last night...)

"But I've got to look hott for my date tonight... MALL Y U NO GIVE ME WHAT I WANT?"
"Dude, you'll look hott no matter what. You dress well every day of your life. Also, you already have a black one at home..."
"NO MAN. This date deserves a NEW outfit with color. We will check ALL THE STORES until I get what I want."

Or until we both feel overwhelmed and run towards the food.

I seriously hate shopping.

But I appreciate fashion and reeeeeally want to be that girl who dresses well.

Double edged sword?

When I go shopping, it's like every article of clothing I see has faces and they shout mean things at me.

"Ohhh, you went running this morning? Good for you. You will STILL look fat in this." 
"Don't even try to pull this off. You don't even know how to put it on!"
"Go back to the BOYS section, foo'. Once a tomboy always a tomboy. YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE."

I spend a grand total of five minutes looking at the trendy. Then I freak out and find the first striped v-neck and pay before someone judges me.

Do you want to know the best part of this day at the mall?

Turns out I already had the perfect matching cardigan hanging in my closet at home.


And Sarah looked hott.

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