*** journalistic challenges ***

1:46 PM

The biggest challenge facing journalism is that the format itself is changing. No one reads hard copies of newspapers anymore. A lot of hidden-gem articles are missed entirely in electronic format. 

I have always loved thumbing through the crinkly pages of a newspaper. I read a lot of interesting articles that I would have never found online. 

Advertising has yet to find its niche online, though, and advertising is what sells newspapers. Annoying pop up ads and 30-second videos are the bane of every consumer's existence. Before journalism can flourish online, it needs to be properly funded. And in order for that to happen, the advertising issue needs to be fixed.

There are those that have taken a stab at improving the advertising by customizing ad-videos on Hulu or Youtube. But everyone hates them. As a Comms major, I usually roll my eyes and chant, "I know it has to be there, I know it has to be there" before I slam my laptop at the frustration of taking a whole 60 seconds to load one article.

Right now, there is no clear-cut solution to the advertising problem. If it were up to me, I would bring back the crinkly pages.

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