*** religion & journalism ***

12:57 PM

Religion in the world of journalism is a dangerous mixture. As a writer, it is important to reconcile personal religious beliefs for the sake of objectivity. This is particularly prominent with politics. Yeah, I'm talking about you Mormons. And Mitt.

I don't really believe that though.

Faith and religion are such a part of a person's background and upbringing that those beliefs cannot be disregarded completely. It is a part of a writer's personality, it is a part of their writing style even. We are not advocators, but we are also not pretenders.

In one of our classes journalism texts, The Mind of a Journalist, I love its juxtaposition between journalism and religion: both are seekers of truth. Both encourage discovery, though on two very different platforms. Religion should be explored as much as sports and politics. It should be treated with respect, bigotry should be avoided. In many ways, writing about religion is an opportunity for journalists to learn about different elements of faith and spirituality. What journalist doesn't jump at the chance to learn?

We, as journalists, can still remain objective without reconciling our beliefs. We can remain impartial about religious issues. Those beliefs will influence the type of pieces a journalist seeks as well as the angle they take to cover the story - that is certain. But journalists should be allowed the comfort of sticking to their faith.

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