sure as kilimanjaro rises like olympus above the serengeti

2:47 AM

How "kilimanjaro" "olympus" and "Serengeti" can harmoniously fit into a verse still blows my mind. I blessed those rains, baby.

Last weekend, I went to a few missionary homecomings with the 'rents. The former elders were returning from Tahiti; their fragmented English, tanned (or pink-ish) skin, & unprecedented want for Mexican food displayed true Polynesian immersion.

Quote of the afternoon being, "[about girlfriend who waited] Yeah, she rested fidele."
Can I get a "woot woot" from all of you francophones?

A theme from the talks (besides the whole diligence, faith, & i love Tahiti thing) was "sorry..... I can't really talk right. My throat is scratchy and my lips are chappy." (Chappy? IT RHYMED WITH SCRATCHY, just go with it). "Also, my hands are dry and my head feels funny because I'm about 10,000 feet higher above sea level than I was two days ago. This is all hindering my ability to function and/or speak properly."

I may have taken a few liberties with that paraphrase. SO SUE ME YE ELDERS THAT WILL PROBABLY NEVER READ THIS.

I miss that island.

I miss the ocean.

I miss the rains.

Just not the ones in Africa.

an excerpt: June 30, 2008: 

"Anything I have learned about Tahiti to this point could not have in any way prepare me for what I walked into. I was immediately enveloped with... water. I honestly felt like I had just been doused. My hair is doing funny curly things. ... It smelt like flowers."

Please, someone write a better first impression about ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD. Okay, fine. Just write a better one about Utah. It'd probably go something like this:

"I wish someone had told me that everything I ever heard about Utah was actually true. The descent into Salt Lake was... brown. I was immediately enveloped with... Mormons. My hair looks fine. But it smells like sulfur."

[Insert poop face]

Part of my heart is still in Tahiti. The part that doesn't pump my blood. Listening to those elders speak of their two year island sojourn really gets that part of my heart beating again, though.

There was something so incredibly INVIGORATING about hearing the rain pour, and by pour I mean the clouds are vomiting water droplets the size of hippopotamusesesessss. hippopotami? Much like Utah, the weather is subject to change at the tick of the minute-hand. There my mom and I would be, sippin' Orangina & eatin' egg rolls when the water level INDOORS would increase 30% while the skies would open and there was much flooding in the land for 5 minutes. 90 degree weather would recommence shortly afterwards.

I meant flooding in the most literal sense of the word.

This is, obviously, not the only thing I miss about Tahiti.

But in this bland winter with only ONE (okay fine) TWO GOOD SNOW STORMS, I miss the spontaneity that came from those rain storms. It was so unreal. I miss the smell of flowers and the smell of water. I miss walking outside and FEELING the elements around me. I miss feeling like with every step I took in that country-sized sauna that the island itself was becoming a part of me.

Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

That doesn't even make grammatical SENSE. QUIT MESSING WITH ME, TOTO.

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