and then my phone blew up.

12:31 AM

So there I was, at work a week or so ago. Ross had sent me a text (yes, we were both at work, and no, this isn't abnormal) but my phone had died. He was offended that I didn't text back (like usual). Our conversation went something like this,

Ross: "Wow."
Me: "What?"
"I can't believe you didn't text me back."
"Oh, my phone died."
"I can't believe your phone died. That's really hateful. I'm going to send you a text a minute so when you plug it in you'll have, like, a hundred new texts."
"Oh gosh."

Let me preface this story really quick with a little bit about Ross.  Disregarding people I'm not currently dating/trying to date, I probably text him more than anyone else. Well, him and Sarah. Anyway, Ross is famous for his catchphrases. And, well, we talk about making out a lot. Ever see this emoticon? :Pd: Well, if, I could sum up the majority of our text messages in one it'd probably sound like, "Wow offended that's hateful wow hate hate hate wanna :Pd: ? that's hotttt"

Love you, Ross. I'm just messin with ya.

So anyways, I plugged it in a few hours later and he had only sent one text. It was then my turn to be offended. "Wow, Ross, you didn't even text me twice? ..."

(For the record, I do know that I asked for this).

Ross texted me back.


Four hundred times.


All with one copy pasted message: 

:Pd: :Pd: :Pd: etc. etc.

My phone was perpetually vibrating for the next half an hour. No joke. (Thanks, T-Mobile).

The real kicker?

I later found out that my sister tried to text me. She also tried to call me. Neither her 5 messages, nor her phone call could go through because "the network was congested."

And that was the day that Ross blew up my phone.

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