it's been legen -- WAIT FOR IT

1:25 AM

First, eff the mail man. Because this girl's mission call was supposed to come TODAY.


This week was relatively low key compared to last week. (FIVE PAPERS). Last week, the completely scheduled, jam-packed, running from building to building week was brought to a climax at the JSB printers last Monday.

I had stayed up until 4 in the morning Sunday/Monday finishing up a paper. After a good night's sleep (and by a good night's sleep, I mean brief repose until 8 am), I gathered ALL my papers, wrote down ALL my questions, ate ALL the cadbury mini eggs, and wrote almost ALL of my 6-page rough draft before my meeting at 10 am with my French professor.

And then suddenly it was 9:50. I ran up to the JSB (just a skip and a jump away from my apartment) to print off all that stuff. This wouldn't be an issue if ink cartridges didn't hate me so much. They don't believe in fair warnings, they just die the day before important papers are due. It's cool. And then the JSB printers didn't work.

And then I ran to the SWKT. (Oh gosh, I am so sorry I sound like such a BYU student). You know that feeling when you're in a hurry and you're stuck on a really slow computer? Well, yeah. I could have run up and down the SWKT stairs four times in amount of time it took Internet Explorer to start.

And then it was 10:05.

And then I found out I didn't have enough money on my student card.

I could have run a freaking 5K before I had my paper in my possession. YOU THINK I'M JOKING.

And then it was 10:20.

That was only the second best part of last week.

The best part being:

Anyway, last week's craze was brought to this very anticlimactic finals week. I over-studied for my easy finals, and under-studied for my hard ones. And watched too much HIMYM. I've got one left, but it's a take-home final that Imma get done tomorrow morning. The stress won't be relieved until Saturday's Karate games are over, though.

But seriously, How I Met Your Mother is the FUNNIEST thing to have happened to me. I don't even care that I'm seven years behind sched. This show GOT ME THROUGH FINALS CRAP.

And then there was this:

And this:

All of these great things made me who I am today: a junior in college.


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  1. The kids all loved that pig picture.

    Congrats junior.

    Does this mean we have to wait another week?


    Annnnnnnnd my guess is it'd be any day at this point... it could come today, who knows.


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