je les aime, mes amies tahitiennes

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Twice a year, around Mormon General Conference time, all of the people who have ever served in Tahiti (or lived there, or visited there, or know someone who visited there) get together for a reunion. Since my parents are the most recent leaders, they're semi-in charge. Luckily, unlike last year, my mom didn't need to take care of the food.

This year, however, over three hundred people came. Yeah. Three hundred. It was probably the most successful reunion I've ever been to (which is, well, three). Anyway, the biggest surprise was seeing these girls:

Hina, Mélanie, Faahei, & Ida. Some of my best friends from Tahiti.

Faahei (in the middle) was one of my dearest friends in Tahiti. She was my buddy in seminary, she has a heart of gold and a personality full of spunk. I have a lot of memories associated with Fahei. We went to a New Years Eve dance together, saw movies, had sleepovers, made pizza and other treats, went to McDonalds. She dated one of my best friends, too.
[May 2010] And yes, I took some for the team and saw lots of crappy movies. Like Clash of the Titans (it's even worse in French...)

Hina (far left) was one of the most beautiful girls I ever knew in Tahiti. I used to send pictures of her to my guy friends and I just knew they were drooling. Despite her beauty, she was also one of the kindest girls I knew.  I remember one day she came over and we spent the whole day together. We went walking all around town and on the waterfront, made lunch, watched a couple "American" movies, and looked at US pictures. She was always full of questions and eager to try out her English with me. She was never too caught up in her life to be my friend. And trust me, that meant a lot.
[June 2009] Please ignore how absolutely hideous I look. Also, how white I am.

It was fun having my old friends admire my American style, compliment me on my French (that I managed to keep up ish over the past two years), and ask me questions about all the American men in my life. It really makes me seem a lot cooler than I actually am to talk to my Tahitian friends. "Wow, you go to COLLEGE?" Like no one's ever done that before. 

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