second degree

6:20 PM

Dear Ben,

I've missed you and stuff over the past year and a half. But there was no day that I missed you more than April 21, 2012. Remember when we got our first degree black belts together? Five years ago?

I missed you this time around.

I missed you when I was running those five miles by myself.

I missed you when I had to do those 100 push-ups without your unfaltering encouragement.

I missed you when the first degrees were doing strikes, blocks, kicks, and defenses because I wanted you there to talk about everything with. (and relax with because we didn't have to go through that hell fest...)

I missed you when I got nervous breaking boards. You always knew just how to hold the board for me so that I would break it on the first try. Also, you shoulda seen me break that half turn blind folded because it was SICK.

I missed you when something funny happened and I needed to laugh about it with someone.

I missed you when we were doing forms and I got frustrated. I needed your smile, and your familiar, friendly face to seek out when my eyes filled with stupid tears over being corrected. You always saw past any poor performance and saw my potential to shine.

I missed you when I fought without my usual fire. I was tired, and I was emotionally shot. I was so much more competitive when you were around.

I missed you when I was awarded my belt. I've wanted it so badly these past five years, and you are the only friend who can truly appreciate that.

My cheering crowd was pretty stellar, though.

I've come a long way since those days where we were newbie black belts. I just didn't realize how grateful I was to have you on my team at the time.

However, Ben, I've still gotta say it...


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  1. LOVE! How did we not take a picture of you with Dad and Mom? It was so great to be there. So much more stressful to watch than I thought. You were amazing. So proud of you!!

  2. I know! I was bummed we didn't get one either.. I totally wasn't thinking. Thanks though, you are the best sister around.


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