weekend what's up

11:24 AM

T-Minus 1 hour and I'm going down to Zion National Park for an overnight extravaganza. Weather, be kind. 4 hour car ride, provide me with much laughter and friendship and knowledge consumption from the vast array of podcasts that SarKar has prepared for us all. Sun rays, be generous in your application to my skin, but let's not get overzealous with the frying.

Anyway, here's some of the what's up in the life of LoSmi this week. (Watch it, kids. If this girl ever becomes a rapper, "LoSmi" is totally catching on).


Dude, these guys are sick. I saw them in concert last summer, but I'm dying to see them live again now that I know their stuff better.

I'm a little bit depressed that Parks & Rec is over now, but I am still laughing over everything Ron Swanson.

I'm trying to diversify my palette by trying a new recipe a week. This is not my own photo (I'm too lazy to do my own dirty work), but I made artichoke dip last night that was super good. (It should also be noted that the recipe I used is not from this link. I just liked this picture. What are you going to do about it anyway?) 

Well, Imma go get my camp on. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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