food? what?

7:39 PM

I am a slave to food. 

I love it. I love food. I love all kinds of food. I love ALL THE FOODS. And I'm a poor, starving college student.

Life sucks, doesn't it?

I'll spare you the boring details of my battle with choosing between eating three or four bowls of ice cream.

But really, thinking about food consumes me. I think about what I'm going to eat for lunch all day at work. Right after lunch, I start planning on how soon I can make dinner. Right after dinner, I day dream about ice cream. THE ONLY REASON I'M ON PINTEREST IS TO LOOK THROUGH DELICIOUS FOOD PICTURES (that and to scan for cat stuff). Worst of all, I strategically plan my activities to wherever the most ample free food opportunities will present themselves. 

Oh, there's donuts at work? I should probably eat five of them.

Oh, I may have just eaten a pint of Ben & Jerry's by myself, but I can't miss out on my friends having fun so I guess I'll get froyo with you guys, too.

Did you just say hamburgers? because I swear that's what you said you were going to buy for me right now.

A date with a noob? Food, what?

I hate that food is necessary. If I wasn't forced to eat to survive, then maybe it would be sufficient to reward myself with something delicious every once in a while, like I would reward myself with a movie. Everyone likes movies, but no one needs them. Everyone likes food, and everyone needs it.

It's like, well, I have to eat so I might as well eat AWESOME. French fries>broccoli.

It's gotten bad.

Also, eating healthy sucks when you're poor.

I've been trying to get a grip on the whole food thing: cooking more, eating more fruits & veggies, only eating one piece of cake, stuff like that. Then my birthday came and I ate so much crap. And really, I felt feel gross about it. I ate more meat in three days than I normally consume in a month (my best friend is a vegetarian, guys, it happens). 

So this girl is totally revamping how she eats. This will not be my last post, I do have additional goals and a whole lot more to say (you love it), but let's kick this off by doing some totally extreme/zenith/hipster/self-help diet and eat only vegetables and fruit for three days

Because anyone can do anything for three days.

Except, I don't know, consume nothing but lemonade OH WAIT PEOPLE DO THAT.

So here I am, having happily consumed my mason jar of green barf smoothie and excited to eat more kale leaves for dinner.

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