have a banana, have a whole bunch, it doesn't matter what you had for lunch

1:25 AM

I ate grilled cheese for lunch today.

And oh, baby. It was delicious.

'Cause this girl went three days without anything but fruits & veggies, holla!

The three days were no better nor worse than I expected.

Admittedly, I was pretty hungry on Thursday
(Day 1). 

I downed my gross green smoothie in the morning (mango, pineapple, and some green whatever).
I cheated for the first and last time at lunch and snuck some peanut butter with my celery (celery... just doesn't go down by itself). 
And I ate peas for dinner.
And maybe some cherries at some point. I don't actually remember.

That's a diverse palette, right thurr.

 By the end of the day, I wanted to eat. I really, REALLY wanted to eat. I wanted oreos, I wanted cheese, I wanted a cinnamon-roll pop tart. So I just went to bed at 11:00 to fight it. It's called strategy.

Friday was surprisingly pleasant. More of the same, plus some edamame. And, I think a piece of watermelon. The hunger had all-but passed, and I felt encouraged at how normal I actually felt.

Saturday was fine. I felt fine, life was fine. I ate some delicious, sweet corn on the cob that didn't even need butter. But by 2:00, I was just bored. Stir fry can only take you so far in life.

And then my challenge was met as quickly as it was accepted.

I learned three things from this experience.

1. If I choose to, exercising self control is 100% possible.
2. There are, in fact, more fruits&veggies in existence besides apples and peas.
2. I really like food. And lots of different kinds of it.

On the fourth day in which I ate some normal stuff, I actually felt great. And I was seeing things differently. A) I might have lost weight. I'm not actually sure, but it could have happened. (So much for accurate documentation. I'm a terrible dieter and all of you readers looking for inspiration are now obviously disappointed. Let's just say that my hawt bod was too much to post on the internets, but I look really good. HERE'S MY ENDORSEMENT FOR DUMB FRUIT STUFF). B) My first thought for a snack had evolved from Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies to, like, carrot sticks...

And that's why we do stupid stuff like this. To see the world a little differently.

In the longterm, I'm shooting for some lifestyle changes. I do not want to be governed by food.

1. Carry a water-bottle and drink so much of the water always all the day.
2. No more soda. Ever. Except Rootbeer floats. Or Italian.
3. Limit to 1 treat a day. Even ice cream.
4. Eat breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. But the dinner part should be smaller.
5. Eat out max once a week.
6. Cook more. Prepare real meals that don't come pre-packaged.
7. Don't eat after 9 pm. Unless it's ice cream. (Having observed rule number 3 previously).
8. If presented with donuts, cookies, anything delicious, only take one. The small one.

and most importantly...

8. NEVER. eat out of boredom.

Here's to ruling food, and not letting food rule you. Eat your fruits&veggies. With other stuff.

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