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I suppose it's only fitting to include more good Japanese moments. This week, though there were fewer mistakes, we did tell our "investigator" that he MUST drink alcohol. He got really excited, and it took us a few minutes to figure out why he was so happy. It was made up for, though, when he (who is our teacher, Fowers Sensei), mid-yawn drooled all over his tie and then we couldn't stop laughing.
Well, I may not have the priesthood, but apparently women are still valued in the mission-field/MTC. Go figure! JKLOL. But this week, I was asked/called to be the "Coordinating Sister" for all of the sisters in our Branch. It's basically like the Zone-Leader of the ladiez. The Sempai leave on Monday, so I took the old coordinating sister - Sister Buhler's - place. Basically, I'm now a really important person. I was called on Sunday, and subsequently had to go to four thousand meetings. It was also Fast Sunday. Fast Sunday in the MTC is kind of the worst, because you don't get to eat at all until 5:30. With my meetings, I also only got about 10 minutes to scarf down a chicken cordon-bleu. So it was a long day and I went to bed still really hungry.
Being a coordinating sister means that I get to do lots of wonderful things. Namely:
-Visit all of the sisters every night. I'm excited about this, because that means I get one week with the sisters who are leaving. They are all really cool and I'm glad that I get a brief chance to get to know them better.
-Meet with the Branch Prez twice a week.
-Go to Branch Council
-Set a prime example.
-Help orient new missionaries (even if there are no sisters)
-Talk to girls about their problems
and -LAST BUT NOT LEAST- go to meetings with lots of women. For all of you who know me at all, you'll know just how much I love meetings with women. And Relief Society. We talk about modesty a lot. It's cool.
Despite my obvious inadequacies to fill this calling, I am really excited to serve the sisters and be in a position to help them and get to know them better. I'm supes important, obvs.

The other highlight of my week was seeing Rich at the MTC! It was really, really awesome to see a familiar face. And by see a familiar face, I mean see my awesome brother whom I love and care about. I see people I know all of the time. My district makes fun of me for it daily. I swear I see at least four people I know everytime we go to the temple. I have, like, ten friends who work here. It's tough being me. But it was really good to see Rich and hear news from home. I love and miss all of you!
But, like, if you wanted to write me letters or send me food - ANY OF YOU - it's okay with me. Seriously.
This weekend, I am very excited for General Conference. It means that we have no class on Saturday, so it'll be like an actual weekend! I almost forgot what that was like... I haven't seen the Relief Society Broadcast yet, but we will on Saturday when the Elders go to Priesthood session. I'm really excited to hear from the prophet. One of the other awesome things about the MTC is on Sunday nights we get to watch a movie or an old talk. Last Sunday, I got to watch one of Elder Bednar's old talks. That man can throw some beautiful, powerful sentences together, let me tell you. So I'm pretty excited to hear from all of the General Authorities. It's basically the equivalent of having a weekend full of parties.
My three favorite times of day: 1. GYM TIME. 2. SLEEP TIME. 3. PERSONAL STUDY TIME.
I have set a goal to start memorizing two scriptures a day. In English. Ha, you thought I was going to say Japanese, didn't ya? Not yet, friends. I'm just sad that my mom isn't there to give me oreo cookies after I memorize 25 like she did for the Elders in Tahiti.
Well, friends, it's been real. I miss you all lots, but I love you more. I'm very excited to have the chance to be here. It's been almost a month, now. CRAY CRAY.
Sumisu Shimai

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