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This is the story in which I was on crutches for three days, and I saw a member of the 12 apostles. (But not at the same time).

So there was this one time where I got a blister. And by blister, I mean the whole bottom of my foot was falling apart. But it's cool, that happens to me every once in a while (#karateprobs). I'm not wearing my basketball shoes to play basketball, and I think that's part of it. But that's usually NBD. 
Well, earlier last week, that foot started to hurt a little bit. I thought I must have just bruised it, so I didn't do anything about it. Then, Wednesday morning, my "bruise" was twice its normal size and purple and green and painfully tender to walk on. So I hobbled over to the doctor's office and he goes, "Yeah... that's not the color it should be. Your blister seems to be infected so let's get you some antibiotics and crutches and then we'll send you on your way!"

Thanks, Doc.

Kids, for the first time in my life I was on crutches. FOR A BLISTER. Don't doubt that it hurt though, because it totally did. It was nearly impossible to walk on for two days. DO YOU KNOW HOW EMBARASSING IT IS when everyone asks, "OMG, what did you do?" and I have to say, "I got a blister." So Norawong Choro just started responding on my behalf that I tore my ACL. 

Norawong Choro (he's on of the Zone Leaders, bee-tee-dubs) also was my personal announcer, "MAKE WAY FOR SISTER SMITH!" "WATCH OUT ELDERS, SHE TORE HER ACL!" "GIMP COMING THROUGH!"

Fun times at the MTC.

However, I am off crutches now, limping my way around campus and on the way to recovery. I'm not supposed to exercise, though, and that's killing me. Also, those antibiotics are nast.

Anyways, don't worry Mom!

Our P-Days are awesome because Tuesdays are also Devotional days. So "after P-Day", we don't even need to return to class, we just get to hear from a General Authority. Well, last Tuesday following General Conference, everyone was lined up over an hour early to get into the devotional. We never know who it's going to be, but people were placing bets everywhere (not really, though) that a member of the 12 was going to come. Walking in, it literally felt like Christmas, people were so excited. Usually, they say who the speaker is within 5 minutes of walking in, but this time they didn't. We were pretty sure we were in for a treat, and rumor had it that there were Elder Bednar sightings. So we were all freaking out.

We got there early enough to have a seat in the 4th or 5th row off to the side. It wasn't ideal, but we were just pumped we could see the stand. Well, with about 10 minutes 'till blast off, one of the ushers comes and grabs Sister Peterson and Sister Silva and takes them to the VERY FRONT ROW, CENTER.

And then, as we were singing prelude, we all stood as Elder David A. Bednar walked into the room. Elder Bednar is Sister Peterson's favorite, so I was so excited for her. 2 minutes after that, the same usher came and grabbed me and Sister Clingo to sit in the SECOND ROW, CENTER with a perfect view of the pulpit. (The Elders were a little upset at the preferential treatment - it pays to be a sister sometimes!)

Oh my goodness, it was amazing! I was right there in front of his FACE! Elder Bednar, guyz!
His talk was incredible. I have been blessed in my life to meet several members of the 12, and this time - though I wasn't able to speak with him directly - had an equallly powerful impact on my life. He spoke of General Conference and its importance. I learned two things:

1. The spirit teaches, not the missionary. "If all [the investigator] hears is what you say, then you have failed." Additionally, we shouldn't just take copious notes just to take them and then forget them. We need to feel and listen for what the spirit teaches us.

---Side Note: Teaching by the Spirit has been a theme of this week and I feel like our lessons are really becoming solid. Not because my Japanese is improving (it is), but because we are inviting the Spirit of the Lord to teach.---

2. We have prophets on the earth today and God speaks to us through them every 6 months. If an investigator asks, "Well what have they said lately?" and we don't know, then that's the same as not believing them.

More specifically, he taught us a pattern of learning and applying GC into our lives.
In each talk there are three things. 1. Doctrine, 2. Invitation, and 3. Promised Blessings. Find those things.

He also said that conferences are never scripted. If you find themes, that is the Lord's doing. He described it as a "Majestic Tapestry of Instruction woven by the Master, not the servant." Poetic, eh?
This past weekend with a great General Conference and then hearing from Elder Bednar has changed my view on Conference forever. It was a really awesome experience.

I am officially past the half-way mark. I believe that I officially leave November 19. Time is winding down and I'm TERRIFIED, but so PUMPED. Also, it's a busy week ahead as we invite 7 new missionaries into our Japan-fold. As Coordinating Sister, I have a lot of training to do with two new sisters. It's gonna be busy. We always go to the temple at about the same time on Tuesdays - usually around 7:30. I look forward to those breakfasts EVERY WEEK.

Well, I love you all and thank you for writing! (But don't stop. Ever. A week without mail to us is like 3 years).

-Sumisu Shimai

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