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Well, kids, I have an announcement. Ma'am, I have an announcement.
But the main thing you should gather from that is "She went 11 weeks without eating ice cream?" YEAH. I did. 11 weeks. Without it. Ice cream. My favorite thing. But I ate it, and now I am better.
JK LOL, I'm actually totally crazy and that's not because of the ice cream.
I am glad that the time in the MTC will be shortened because 12 weeks is definitely too long. I may or may not have serenaded half of the cafeteria to a Backstreet Boys song. No one will ever know. I also play games with my food. I'VE BEEN HERE FOR ELEVEN WEEKS, GUYS.
Second (and, granted, more important) announcement:
Guys, I'm totally going to Japan. In a week.
So here's what's up:
I leave SLC at 8:30 am on Monday (the 19th), and arrive in Seattle at 9:46 AM. (Sarah, I'm going to YOUR hood).
From Seattle, I leave at 12:50 to Tokyo and arrive there at 4:55 PM on Tuesday, the 20th.
Then, I take another flight from Tokyo at 7:45 PM to Fukuoka and arrive there at 9:55 PM on Tuesday.
Mom, I will try and call sometime during my layover in Seattle. So expect a call at around 11 or 12ish? I will call the home phone, but if you don't answer, I'll try your cell. But you should probably answer.
It's been extremely hard to focus ever since we've gotten our flight plans, because we're all real, real nervous and real, real excited. I don't speak Japanese, I'm going to be freezing, and I still don't speak Japanese. However, I just want to get out there.
Wednesday night, Sister Clingo and I had the opportunity to demonstrate teaching to all of the newbies. It was a really awesome experience. We just went in and "started" a lesson by applying Preach My Gospel's "How to Begin Teaching" principles. So we basically just went in and got to know them and established their religious background, etc. It felt real - especially since it was in English - and it got me so excited to teach real people in Japan. I want to go into homes and get to know people and become their friends. I only pray I'll be able to do that in Japanese sooner rather than later.
Speaking of Japanese, here's a good story as of late:
When we left one of our lessons, I meant to say, "Sorry for the short lesson!" but instead I accidentally said, "Sorry for the accident lesson!" Yeah, I be real smart.
Also, I'm feeling better.
Also, I finished my journal. Theodore.
I'm sorry I'm all Debbie Downer, so here's an uplifting thought to let all of you know that I'm not as miserable as I may seem. I still love the MTC. I'm just ready to leave:
Last week, our devotional was by Elder W. Craig Zwick. It was awesome. He spoke on 4 principles of discipleship. Discipleship is always:
He shared some really touching stories of people who served those in need. He promised us that every day on our missions we would find at least one person who needs something. So from that, I decided to FIND that one person in need everyday. A lot of what I have learned here is that missionary work is a service. We are there to bring people to the truth, but we're also there to be an example of the believers. We need to serve like Jesus Christ did. And I'm really excited to do that.
Well, kids, it's been real. This will be my last letter from the MTC. I hope you've been sufficiently entertained/edified/uplifted. I will not miss the MTC but I will miss the people a lot. The saddest part of this whole thing is parting ways with my district. I have come to care and love all of them. I was especially sad when we found out we weren't travelling together either. I will be with those going to Fukuoka and those going to Tokyo, luckily. So I will have Elder Miranda and Sister Clingo up until Tokyo. But I really wanted to be with Sister Peterson. :( Each and every member of my district has blessed my life. Elder Norawong, Elder Shimbashi, Elder Miranda, Sister Peterson, Sister Silva, and especially Sister Clingo will always have a special place in my heart. We're already planning district reunions for two years down the road.
I'm also grateful for my teachers - especially Sister Evans and Brother Fowers. They each have taught me a lot and have really helped prepare me for Japan. I love every morning with Brother Fowers - he's still pretty fresh off the mish, so his excitement is also fresh. His passion and joy in the gospel is always evident and it helps get me pumped to bless lives and spread that same joy. I also love him because I KNOW he would have been a missionary my dad would have loved.
Most of all, I'm grateful for my companion. Sister Clingo is the funniest, most selfless, most truly kind person I have ever met. I am SO grateful that we get to go to Fukuoka together and my excitement was even greater when I realized that we would also get to travel home together (hopefully). She is awesome and I am so glad that she's been able to bless my life.
Enzwez. Sorry for the soap box. I JUST LOVE EVERYBODY SO MUCH.
The next time I write, I'll be in Fukuoka, Japan. And I'll probably be even CRAZIER than I am now. So... get ready. #japanbound #sonotevenready
I love you all and I'm grateful for you.
-Sumisu Shimai

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