Week #15

9:01 PM

Well, this week it rained SUPES DUPES BUCKETS. #welcometotherestofmylife 
For two days straight it rained like it would never rain again. The good of that being that rain means it can only be SO cold. The bad being that you get wet... and then you get cold. I tried my best to live in the moment and just accept that I was going to be drenched from head to foot. It was a little bit fun. Drying my stuff off, however, was not fun.

As per our mission prez`s request, we focused our efforts on finding this week. President Gustafson`s idea was to give this gift to Christ by talking to as many of His children as we possibly could. It was a long, exhausting week. But we really worked our hardest. On our first day with this workashardasyoucan mentality, we were miraculously awarded with a street full of the nicest people I have met yet in Japan. Usually, when talking to people on the street, they are exceedingly busy or they are ``buddhist.`` As with every mission, tracting is met with little success. However, I was astonished at how the Lord was rewarding us for our desire to work hard and give this gift of our hearts. We were able to teach several of them a brief message on the spot and many of them were very kind to listen to us. I felt very blessed.

Side note: in Japan we are not ``the people on the bikes`` but ``the people with the helmets.`` Everyone rides a bike. No one wears helmets - especially not big white ones. But, I`m over it. I`ve all but stopped caring about how I look. I wear the same skirt every day, it`s NBD. In severe rain conditions, we sisters are allowed to wear ``rain paints`` ... over our skirts. I look like a snow man, but I`m over it. Hey, we have to make sacrifices to ride bikes and keep warm.

This week, we had a really special lesson with one of our investigators, Morita-san. He has been investigating for 8 years. He`s seen every video, had every lesson multiple times, reads his scrips and says his prayers. Sister Hinode and I wracked our brains trying to figure out what we could teach to this eternal investigator. We didn`t have much of a plan, but we decided to follow the spirit and do our best to invite him unto Christ. Through some inspired questions, we were able to learn a lot about his feelings, why he`s still meeting with us and his own relationship with God. It`s hard to describe in a letter, but we all came away from that lesson - Morita-san included - with a heart full of gratitude and having learned much from the spirit. I have really high hopes that he can be baptized. The only thing that stands in his way is his work preventing him from attending church. We`re getting there, though! 

I believe I have discovered my role in Japan: I am the ``cute `gaijin` (foreigner).`` Basically if I wrinkle my nose, tell them I`m learning Japanese, flutter my blue eyes a lot and smile, they`ll appreciate it and just faun over how ``cute and young`` I am. Every time I say that I`m 21, they all sigh at my young heart and spirit. ``Oh so young and adorable!`` You know what, I do what I can.


My other proud moment of the week was being able to read someone`s name on their home ALL by myself. (It`s in kanji, or whatevs). I sufficiently impressed Sister Hinode.

I have a request for anyone who reads this. I`m looking for ideas for fun, easy games to do with our English class students. Stuff like ``Do you love your neighbor``, ``pictionary telephone``, stuff where they can use English and have fun. I can`t actually use the internets... and my brain is not actually creative... so anyone who wants to contribute would be much appreciated! Comment or email my mom. Kthanks kbye.

Also, Mom, that first picture goes out to YOU.

Well, 愛しています!

スミス 姉妹

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