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February 3, 2012

Mom, I`m right with you. I`m glad to say goodbye to January, too.

The snow only lasted a day.

Then it rained and rained and rained. There is nothing comparable to riding out in the freezing rain dressed like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

Then it was sunny! For the first time in my mission, I took my coat off. I felt so light and free, my equilibrium on the bike was super thrown off. It felt like spring, and it was a nice reminder that nice weather IS on its way, whenever it decides to actually come.
Also, Mom, yes, there is kind of a sadness that comes with ``losing three investigators``. We get to participate in teaching them the ``after baptism lessons``, so we`ll still get to see them every week. But it was kind of sad to have our progressing investigators go from 6 to 3. Haha. Pretty soon Kuroda-san, a 60-ish year old man from a member family, will be baptized. Then we`ll REALLY need to find new investigators. If I`m still in Hiroshima, that is, but I kind of think I will be.

I don`t have too much to report, so I`ll tell you about Eikaiwa. Lately, it`s been totally up in the air how my little English class will go. When I first started teaching, we had about 8 members who were all about at the same level. Last week, there were TWELVE people. Two of whom can speak almost fluently. One of them, whom I will heretofore refer to as ``mecha pera pera man`` is becoming a problem. (do not mispronounce that as an American ``pe-rahh perahh``. Think of it as ``peDah peDah``. It basically means super fluent), Anyway, mecha pera-pera man has been coming to class and making every other student super frustrated.

While I`m trying to explain basic pronunciation and basic vocab words like ``gorilla``, mecha pera-pera man starts talking about ``guerrilla warfare.`` I used the sample sentence, ``there are some sheep over there.`` Mecha pera-pera man then corrected me, saying, ``Isn`t the proper counter ``HEADS of sheep?``

Please, mecha-pera-pera man. I`m just a 21-year-old Amurican. I don`t know nothing about no heads of sheep. Anyway, it`s an adventure.

On top of that, last week, another student came to class and quietly came up to me and said, ``Ex-ex-excuse me. Um, I, I, I... um, I am not yet, um I, am, not yet out of drunk. Um, um, please forgive me.``
Luckily, it wasn`t a problem. But some of his answers were pretty funny and he was super happy all night.

Missionary work is fun!
We basically have been too busy to have a real P-Day for the past two weeks. So today we`re actually going to have some fun. I am in MUCH NEED OF FUN.

Well, thanks everyone for your love and support. The low of this week is that I have had a pretty bad head-ache everyday - nothing I`m unfamiliar with, but it makes missionary work hard. So pray for that?

I love you all! 愛しています!A faa`ito`ito!
-スミス 姉妹

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