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February 17, 2012

Wellp. Transfers came and went and I could not have been more surprised at what happened. So turns out Sister Hinode and I are BOTH staying in Hatsukaichi (a big surprise in and of itself), but we also got a new companion! Her name is Sister Ichimaru and she is from Nagasaki, Japan. The weird part being that she is ACTUALLY going on her mission to Temple Square, but she is waiting for her visa. So they (whoever ``they`` are) decided to send her to our mission for a transfer while she waits. She hasn`t been to the MTC or anything, but her mission does actually start now. So... we`re KIND of training her, but kind of not since Temple Square is a totally different kind of mission. And by we, I mean Sister Hinode - but Sister Ichimaru keeps joking that she has ``two`` moms. Even though I`m still ``young`` in transfer-time, it is kind of fun to be in a ``training`` type mindset. I am realizing what good prep this is for me when I do actually become a trainer, so it`s all good.

Also, Ichimaru Shimai is adorable. She is SO excited to be here and SO thrilled at every little thing we do. ``Now we do Daily Planning? Oh my this is so fun!`` Having no MTC experience, she doesn`t know much at all about missionary work, so it`s pretty cute to watch her discover all about us missionary-people. She also went to BYU-Hawaii for two years so she speaks pretty great English. This Amurrican-girl is pretty happy about that.

Fun fact that I don`t think I`ve ever mentioned. Hinode means ``sunrise``. Ichimaru means ``one-circle.`` Ichimaru Shimai`s first name is ``Yukimi`` which means ``happy-fruit.`` So my companions are Sunrise and Happy Fruit. I`ve been having fun with that.

Unfortunately with three companions, email time is a little tricky. So this`ll be brief. It`s been a pretty low-key week anyway. However, last week, I fasted to find a new investigator. And we found a new investigator! It was a referral from a Kobe-Missionary senior-couple. It`s their current investigator`s daughter. We were able to teach her Lesson 1 this week she came to church. We`re pretty excited about that.

In other news, ... well, there`s nothing. Sorry. Good luck, Mom, with your mission-get-together. I`m definitely praying for you and super jealous because I want to be there! Ichimaru Shimai worked at the PCC in Hawaii so we`ve been having fun talking about Tahiti. I miss that place.

Love to eerbody, 愛しています!A faa`ito`ito!

-スミス 姉妹

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