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February 24, 2012

First of all, being 3 is really a lot of fun. It`s like having college roommates all over again. The actual missionary-work part is an adjustment - it`s especially hard to effectively share the time when street contacting or housing. But we`re getting along. Ichimaru Shimai is a RIOT. I have never seen someone who loves every meal we have as much as she. It`s especially funny because it`s not just the delicious stuff - it`s EVERYTHING. Her eyes get SUPER big and she gasps, ``It`s DELICIOUS!`` We get this reaction over super lame sandwiches. It`s the funniest thing I`ve ever seen. We`re getting along really well.

Well, from that one fast for a new investigator, we now have a progressing investigator with a baptismal date. There has been miracle after miracle and I truly feel like we were led to someone who was prepared by the Lord to hear the Restored Gospel. Her name is Yamamoto-san. She came to church the week after our first contact. That day, one of my favorite returned sister missionaries who got back from Brazil just a week ago gave her homecoming talk. In her talk, she shared an experience about one of her own investigators overcoming her addiction to tobacco. After Sacrament Meeting, Yamamoto-san told us that she was a heavy smoker, but after hearing that talk, she decided she wanted to quit. Since then, we have met with her several times and we now have a goal set to be baptized in early March. We were strongly prompted that she should be baptized sooner than later. However, because we found out about her tobacco addiction from that day at church, we were able to teach her the Word of Wisdom early on so that she can sufficiently prepare herself and also stop talking before she will be baptized. The example of this RM, and also the miracle of having a recent convert - my dear, dear Chizuko - who also overcame a tobacco addiction, is all so perfect in helping Yamamoto-san to be baptized. She is a wonderful woman and I am so thrilled to be able to help her. Hinode Shimai and I are fasting from chocolate and Ichimaru Shimai is fasting from ice cream to help support her in quitting. It was a great week.

This week I was thinking. Among the people in the church who are around my age, there are three groups. Pre-mission, missionary, and returned missionaries. All three of these groups act as a support for one another. This past Sunday, Hinode Shimai and I gave talks, and we were followed by a young man who is headed out to the Kobe Mission in April. I have also had the chance to become good friends with that Brazil-RM whose name is Kaho. She is a SUPER STAR. She is an example to me with how much she loved her mission, how excited she is to help us with the work and how jealous she is of the chance that we STILL get to serve the Lord. Then there`s us missionaries. On Sunday, we both spoke on reasons why we decided to go on a mission. We`re examples to everyone in the ward where we serve. I know that we were an example for this pre-missionary. I also found out after our talks, that a cute 21-year-old girl whom I love has now decided to serve a mission after hearing us speak. Those pre-me-s are examples to me in their sincere desire to go out on a mission. So it`s just interesting how we all help each other.

This transfer is SO SHORT. It only just began and I`m already worried about next transfer. I don`t think I can do missionary work without Hinode Shimai!

I loved hearing about your mission reunion, Mom. I wish I coulda been there.

Love to eerbody, 愛しています!A faa`ito`ito!

-スミス 姉妹

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