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Dear all,

So looks like this sister missionary is headed for four transfers with her trainer. I could not have been more surprised when the transfer call came and the assistants told us that we all three were going to stay in Hatsukaichi. It`s pretty well unheard of to be with a companion that long. Luckily my little sunrise Hinode is the best. But I was still shocked. Am still shocked. Still processing. WEIRD.

It`s been a decent week. I`m sorry to say that there is nothing of too much interest to report. Although word on the street is that there`s some ``bad air`` coming in from China so pretty much everyone in Japan is wearing masks. The American that I am thinks that they`re all super silly. But if it makes them feel better, then dozo (as they say here). However it`s a lot harder to understand people when you can`t see their mouth move. Oh well.

Also, all Japanese people seem to eat pasta with both a fork AND a spoon.

Also, it`s really hard to explain to Japanese people what ``air quotes`` mean. 

Spring is coming here as well. I have gone jacket-less a few times this week which was pretty much the best. I`m happy to say bye to winter and cold and frozen toes and forty layers of clothes.

Hatsukaichi church doesn`t have computers for us to use to write emails. We used to go to the next area - Takasu`s - church to write, but that area closed unexpectedly mid-last transfer. So lately we`ve had to travel to Hiroshima City to write. We also were having District Meeting up there too, so we just wrote emails after District Meeting. Sorry for all of you who freaked out. I`m still writing, don`t worry. Transfer week P-Day is Tuesday.

We have District Meetings every week.... ish. Last transfer was only four weeks so it was all super random and weird. Next Zone Conference is probably this coming transfer, but I don`t know yet.

The Amazing Race went to Tahiti? That`s awesome. I think about Tahiti a lot. So much of my experience here is reminiscent to the missionary life I already kind of lived.

Sorry this week is super lame. My current joy is seeing our recent converts grow. Chizuko and Dorothy come to church dressed in snazzy skirts and are always eager to learn. Dorothy recently got an assignment to speak at Ward Conference in a few weeks. Chizuko is helping her kids read the Book of Mormon and is always asking us questions so that she can explain the stories better to them. I love Hatsukaichi and I am definitely starting to feel at home here. When I DO get transferred, it`ll be a sad day. :(

Mom, I just finished the Isaiah parts of 2nd Nephi in Japanese. I have never been more thrilled to finish that part of the Book of Mormon. The Japanese is just way too insane to understand. So many strange kanji!

Well, it`s been real! I`ll try and come up with something better to share next week. 

Also, there`s a picture of me learning how to make Okonomiyaki. 

Also, Mom, that last picture is for you. In remembrance of the good ol` days where I looked like punk in every picture taken of me ever,

A faa`ito`ito! 愛しています!

-スミス 姉妹

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