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Dear eerbody,

Well, I`m in Fukuoka right now. Surprise! I got transferred! JKLOL I didn`t get transferred. We have another conference tomorrow and so we came today to do another exchange with the Fukuoka Sisters. Because it`s P-Day, we arranged to use the computers here instead of in Hiroshima. We asked if we could do an exchange over a week ago, and we found out it was okay at 10:15 last night. Then we got up at 5:30 to catch an 8:30 bus. Then we were on a bus for four hours. It was Legen - WAIT FOR IT.

Last week, we went to visit some active and less active members in kind of a far-away neighborhood. As we were coming home riding down a steep hill, I started to fall quite far behind my two companions. I`m a fast bike rider, so I was surprised at my inability to be able to catch up with them. Then I started hearing this DON DON DON DON sound and then I almost crashed and then I was almost hit by a car and then I realized that my tire had popped. AND THEN we walked home because there were no bicycle shops anywhere. (I was fine, don`t worry).

The other news of the week is that Ichimaru Shimai got her visa! If all goes well (she still has to do an interview and other stuff), she will go into the MTC on April 9th. So then it`ll be just me and Sister Hinode again. 

English class (Eikaiwa) is super fun, but it`s all dependent on whether or not this one particular mecha pera pera student comes. Lately, though, because of him, we split everyone into two groups - beginning and intermediate. There`s a girl in the ward who speaks English excellently and so she`s taken the beginning students while I take the intermediate ones and use only English. It`s fun. 

Also this week, I looked like a dying chicken trying to do Hawaiian dance with some less-actives. Not my thing.

Right now we have one absolutely incredible investigator. It`s Yamamoto-san, whom I mentioned a few weeks ago. She is progressing incredibly well. It`s amazing to watch her find the miracles in her life as she learns more of Christ and reads the Book of Mormon. Yesterday, at church, she told us that the day before, Saturday - when we met with her, she didn`t smoke once that day and she was astonished. She has previously studied with other religions (specifically Jehovah`s Witness), but she said that she never had a desire to quite smoking at that point. Now she`s gone from smoking ten a day to almost 1 or 2 cigarettes a day. CRAY. She`s incredible. Seriously, we`ll go to a lesson and she`ll just be, like, ``So I had some extra free time this week, so I decided to read the Book of Mormon a little more...`` 

I really enjoy our lessons with her because she always asked super interesting questions from her reading. So we always have fun learning together.

Also, I had a triumphant moment where Sister Hinode wasn`t feeling well, so we ended up staying at the apartment one day this week and I decided to call Yamamoto-san all by myself and ask how she was doing and share a message with her. I have a morbid fear of phones. I don`t even like talking on the phone in ENGLISH and then they start talking that Japanese stuff and I think I`m on Mars. But, this girl`s gotta grow up someday. So I did it. And Yamamoto-san was really kind and expressed how happy she was to talk to me on the phone. She`s being baptized at the end of April.

And that amazing woman is the reason I`m not eating chocolate. We`re all fighting/ganbatte-ing/fai`ito`ito-ing together.

I`m sad to hear about BYU. I was actually thinking about basketball just today and was wondering how the NCAA tournament is going. I`m glad I`ll get to see it next year anyway, and I`ll hope that my Cougs will do a little better.

Lastly, I got this amazing present from a member: PEANUT BUTTER. On a scale of 1 to 10 I`m probably at a 99.


Thanks for all your support and stuff! A faa`ito`ito! 愛しています!

-スミス 姉妹

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