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Dear eerbody,

My relationship with my bike is as such: we`re like coworkers who share the same shift. I don`t really care that much one way or the other. We just work together. 

When I get home from my mission, in a different work environment, I will have different coworkers. Like cars.

Ichimaru Shimai says thank you, Mom, very very much for your willingness to help! She says she`s excited to meet you if you do happen to find her in the future. She`ll be in Temple Square until August of 2014, so we`ll be in Utah at the same time for sure. I hope to go find her as well.

This week has been crazy. In Fukuoka, we had a conference with a former mission president in Fukuoka: President Mills. He also did a fireside at the MTC for all of us going to Japan way back when I was in the MTC (seems like forever ago). He is a great speaker. Basically the entire training was geared towards everyone becoming trainers sooner than later. We`re getting super large amounts of new missionaries in the next few transfers. The amount of missionaries are probably going to double within just a few months. Sooooo we`re all going to be trainers! Scary... I definitely don`t feel ready to become a trainer especially because I haven`t even had a ``breaker`` yet (your second companion after your trainer). But, word on the street is we all have to get ready for the mass group of beans that`s coming.  

Fukuoka and Hiroshima are quite different mostly in the amount of people. Fukuoka is crazy busy. It`s a beautiful place, though. I enjoy spending time there and I would love to serve there eventually.

Riding back with a bunch of missionaries on the four hour bus ride was pretty fun.

On Wednesday there was a Barbecue/soccer activity in a neighboring branch. We took our investigator, Na-chan, to it. It was fun, except for the part where it was POURING rain. I was only wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans and so I was pretty cold after that. Well, I had a cold this weekend. So, that was fun, or whatever. 

Yesterday was Ward Conference in Hatsukaichi. The Bishop really wanted to make it special by having 100 people in attendance. So a lot of ward members pulled through by inviting their friends to come. We met so many people, it was really awesome! I got to play the piano for the program and also for the YM/YW musical number. It was a really good day. It was also great because Dorothy - our recent convert who got baptized in January - gave a talk. She was super nervous, especially regarding the Japanese, but she did an amazing job. I was super proud of her. It`s amazing to see how far she and these other converts have come.

Tell Grandmother that SHE is amazing. I can`t believe it`s almost her 100th birthday! I admire her so much.

Well, I love you all. Thanks for everything! A faa`ito`ito! 愛しています!

-スミス 姉妹

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