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Well kids, this week was cray.

First of all, though, I want to send a shout out to my beloved BYU Bookstore-ers. I know at least one of you is reading this. Thanks for keeping it real, sending me cool origami stuff, and remembering me. Also thanks for reading from this little blog of mine, it`s a pretty nice feeling to know I`m not just shouting to an empty void. I just try to think creatively. YOU GUYS ARE ALL AWESOME. If I don`t get around to writing you back, know that I lurve you lots. Keep listing up important memes for me.

Second thing`s second. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM. I`m so sorry I forgot to say so last week! I raised a glass (of milk) in your honor on the 19th. I hope it was fantabulous. You are the best mother in the whole entire world and I`m more than 1,000 times grateful for your amazingness.

Okay. Next, let me just tell you LET ME JUST TELL YOU how exhausted I am. 

(I`m exaggerating. It`s not really that bad. But I am tired).

Thursday I trumped my mecha pera-pera man at Eikaiwa by astonishing him with my ability to spell ``hors d`oeuvres`` correctly. This doesn`t contribute to the exhaustion, it was just a good moment in my week.

Friday was a normal work day. But we had quite a few appointments and road our bikes to far away lands preaching the gospel into the sunset. Nothing special, just the usual fatigue. However, one of our progressing investigators didn`t show up to our appointment - which is super unusual for her punctuality - and we have had no contact with her since. :(

Saturday we got up at 4:00 am to catch a 5:00 am bus to go to the temple in Fukuoka. It was my first time going to the temple since being out here. That was pretty awesome. The temple is super small but super pretty. I also did two sessions in a row to help out a member with some family names. It was really great. But tiring. Also 8 hours of bus-time is  less than fun. I did eat a really good cheeseburger, though. Best cheeseburger I`ve had since my last venture to In `N` Out. (This is important information).

Saturday night, I got a call at 10:15 from the APs. They told me that I was going to be a trainer next transfer so I had to come down to Fukuoka AGAIN on Monday for a special training thingie. President, if you expect me to obey the mission rules and go to bed at 10:30, you can`t deliver such an astonishing message at TEN FIFTEEN. 

I was up for four more hours sufficiently freaking out. There was no way this girl could sleep.

Seriously, though, I can`t be a trainer! I can`t be trusted with the poor innocent soul of a new missionary! I can`t talk on the phone! I can`t cook! I can`t speak Japanese! I can`t be trusted with missionary work! Gus Kaicho, you better triple check that revelation.

However, my question from last transfer ``Why on earth am I with my trainer for four transfers?`` was definitely answered. The things I`ve been able to learn from Sister Hinode are invaluable. There are a lot of good missionaries here, but Sister Hinode possesses unique talents. I could have learned how to work hard from anyone, but she taught me how to speak politely, how to not cross my legs in lessons because Japanese people don`t like that, how to not answer the phone while on the train or bus, how to speak to cute little grandmas, how to work with the members, the importance of remembering people`s names... the list goes on. But I can definitely rest assured that THIS is why I was with her for so long.


Sunday, with just a few hours of sleep, we had a baptism! Yamamoto-san was baptized and it was amazing. Sister Hinode and I are becoming pros at pulling it together. Yamamoto-san bore a great testimony of how reading the Book of Mormon and believing in Christ she was able to quit tobacco - a habit she`s had for almost 20 years. She never thought that was possible before. It was a great program and Hatsukaichi has one great new member. With Yamamoto-san, Hinode Shimai and I focused more on the Atonement than anything else. This enabled her to feel empowered to work hard to quit smoking and to turn her life around for Christ. I know that through the Atonement anyone can make such a change, and that is really cool for me to see.


Monday, I got up at 6:00 to take the bullet train down to Fukuoka. This is the first time they have had such a ``training`` meeting. But there are tons of new missionaries coming, so eerbody is becoming trainers! There are three new sisters coming and sixteen new elders. Of the trainers, I was the second youngest (one Elder is just finishing transfer 2 - now THAT`S crazy). We talked about being examples and stuff. It was a good training. It got me thinking of the goals I wanted to set for this new companionship. I still don`t think I`m capable, but I`m going to try my best to make something work.

Then I took ANOTHER 4 hour bus back to Hiroshima. We got home at around 10:00. 

And that is why this girl is tired.

Pray for me. But mostly pray for Japan. With this girl as a trainer, the work can only floor plummet.

We still haven`t gotten transfer calls yet, so I don`t know where I`ll be training or who my new missionary will be. You`ll just have to tune in next week...

Annnnnnd on the secular side of things, ROGER EBERT DIED? I`m a little bit unnecessarily sad about this thing.

Seriously, people, pray for me. I`m scared to death. I really don`t feel at all capable of doing this. But I`ll try. Sooooo... pray please.

A faa`ito`ito! 愛しています!

-スミス 姉妹

Also, in case you all can`t read what the post-it says: ``I`m hungry but I`m fat.`` #storyofmyliferightnow

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