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Dear all.

SO MUCH IS DIFFERENT. But I have, like, two seconds, so here are the deets.

I no be in Hiroshima no more. I white washed into an area in Yamaguchi into the city of Hofu. Allow me to reiterate the extremity of the circumstances I am under:

This transfer, there are only three sisters training. I am one of them. The other two are Japanese. I am the ``youngest`` of the three.

Of the three of us, I am the only one to white wash an area.

I am also the only one with an American companion.

What is this nonsense.

I never ever ever ever thought I`d REALLY leave Hiroshima to train anyone, let alone another fellow American. Her name is Sister Baird and she`s very excited to be here. It`s been a pleasure to be her companion thus far.

We are the only sisters in the whole mission to be in a Branch this small. There are only about 15-20 active members and it REALLY needs our help. I can`t help but feel like there is a very, very specific reason that we have both come here.

Hofu has been an Elders-area for the last 10-ish years. They didn`t leave us too much to work with. No investigators except for one crazy man who called us drunk the other day. The records at the apartment are all disorganized. I barely know how to read maps (my language study now consists of learning/searching for kanji on maps so I can KIND of figure out where people live) (but hey, at least I`m learning kanji!)

The worst part about it switching from an Elders to a Sisters area, though, is the apartment. When I called them before transferring, they told me they were cleaning and trying to get it ``Shimai-ready.`` Well, I don`t know what THEY think that means, but it definitely WASN`t Shimai-ready. There was a huge loaf of bread, a big bag of oranges, and at least 4 different tupper wares in the fridge that were LITERALLY surrounded by a thick layer of mold. It was the nastiest thing I`d ever seen in my life. The apartment was in pretty poor condition.

I`ve lost my voice because I have been speaking more now than I have my entire mission put together. It`s very odd suddenly having everyone think I`m 100% fluent. I`m not. But I have to pretend to be because ONE of us has to speak Japanese. Haha. It`s an adventure every day.

There is a lot that scares me, but I know that by relying on the Lord more now than I ever have we can make a difference in Hofu. I`m hoping to do so. I`m hoping to find investigators. I`m hoping to reactivate some people. We`ll see, we`ll see.

Keep praying for this girl right here.

Sista Smith.

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