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May 5, 2013

Dear all,

Sorry for the nonsense of last week`s letter. I hope you didn`t fall out of your chair too hard at my ever shocking news. (I also hope that everyone treats my letters like a TV show - I know my life in Japan is just as exciting as Survivor. Cuz man, I`m surVIVIN out here).

Well, I feel like the last six months have just been a dream and now I`ve woken up to the strange reality of being the only capable Japanese speaker and not having a single clue what I`m doing. But, it`s okay. I`m doing my best.

First of all, Sister Baird. She`s from Utah (you guessed it!), from Sandy. She went to BYU - Idaho before the mish and she`s super into horticulture. (That`s plant stuff, guys. She likes FLOWERS.) It`s great, though, because people in Japan are super into that kind of stuff so we`ve made a lot of friends through that. She`s got luscious blonde hair and skinny as a tooth pick (I`m the product of six months in Japan eating chocolate all day long), and she loves missionary work and her Japanese is BOSS. Oh, most importantly, she`s NINETEEN. Yeah, guys. I`ve got a nineteener. We basically spend our days laughing our heads off because we just seem to keep getting into crazy situations and it`s all just a funny comedy. Dramedy. Cometragedy. We may or may not get stuck in the middle of nowhere a lot...
She`s awesome. I couldn`t have asked for a better companion.

Yamaguchi is super pretty. It`s quite near the ocean and it`s very green. I love it. However, the people seem to be bred similarly to Hiroshima. No one wants to listen. When I was in Hiroshima, though, I had investigators or whatever. Now there are no investigators. There are just people who hate us. We basically come home crying every day, stuff our face with chocolate and weep over the incredible amount of people who reject us. A recent conversation with a man at the door:

Me: ``We`re missionaries for the ChurchofJesusChristofLatterDaySaints. We...``
Him: ``Christ? Do you mushmushmush devil?`` (He used a word I didn`t know).
Me: ``What?``
Him: *repeats it*
Me: ``Are you asking if we believe there`s a devil?``
Him: ``Yes.``
Me: (Not totally sure what to say) ``Um... yes? There is one?``
Him: *starts laughing hysterically* ``Sayonara. (good bye).`` And then slams the door in our face.
I laughed so hard. I pretty well had no idea what had just happened. But, yeah, sometimes I think we`re going insane. But we have fun.

The work is tough. Japan is a tough place, guys. But, the branch (all fifteen of them), are really nice. Right now we`re trying to work hard to gain their trust and to help them see that we`re here to work. 
Our days consist of finding. All day errday. Or we`re wandering around Hofu trying to find locations. I look AWESOME with my gigantic map sticking out of my bike-basket. We`re such white girls. It`s become a favorite hobby of mine to study the map in my spare time. It`s like a game. Like Where`s Waldo.

Also, I`m happy because we`re now in the same zone as my two favorite sisters - Sisters Eddy and Buhler. They were in the MTC with me (one transfer ahead of me), and they`re just the best.
Our English class (Eikaiwa) has two students.

It`s warm now.

The Branch President is an American. That`s really nice. He`s a pretty cool guy. Basically in every ward/branch in Japan there`s the local gaijin who`s either less active or the Branch President. It`s funny. But it`s nice to have at least ONE person that we can fluently speak with.

Anyway. That`s what`s goin down over here in Hofu. (Whenever you pronounce ``Hofu``, say it like a hick). Life`s tough but we`re having a blasty-blast. I hope all of you are doing well. Also, I should publicly congratulate my biff for her recent engagement. Congrats SarKar and Eric Proctor. Be prepared for me to invade your marriage life way too often when I come home......

I love you all! 愛しています!がんばってください!A faa`ito`ito! Oh, also, I might, like, not email next week. I will be talking to my lovely mother on the phoney-phone instead. Don`t cry too hard.


PICS= Me and the comp. Frustration over chocolate. Nast mold.

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