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May 21, 2013

Dear eerbody.

I swear. P-Days are too short. I never have time to write. Which is too bad because this week I have some boss stories for everybody.

Story number one has to do with me REALLY putting myself out there. Like, I`m about to make a fool of myself all over all of the internets. But it`s a funny story. It shows that I have been in Japan too long and that I`m turning into a sister missionary.

(Lauren would never do this. Sister Smith did it. It was her! It was her!)


So we were out doing our normal missionary work the other day by the train station. As we walked back from Mister Donuts, we passed a guy that was CLEARLY not Asian. He stopped us and said, ``Hello!``  Let me just demonstrate the highlights of this conversation.

1. We asked where he was from and he said, ``I`m actually from Hofu...`` And so we both roll our eyes (``where`d you learn your great English, then, buddy?``). Please. You`re no Asian. I know you`re trying to make it seem all cool that you`re not a tourist, but you`re obvi a fish out of water. Anyway. So we asked, ``Oh. So you`ve lived here your whole life?``
``No, just a month.``
``Right. So... where are you... actually from?``
``Oh, well I lived in Canada before this.``
[That`s what we people call a ``hometown,`` buddy.]

His name was Matthew. And he was 29.

2. So we talked for about two minutes, he found out we were missionaries, blah blah. Then he asked for our numbers (two beautiful American girls, you know). He`s all, ``So, do you guys ever, like, go out drinking or anything?``

(This is the part where things get embarrassing).

I may or may not have thrown my hands up a little bit and said, ``Woah. I don`t know how much you know about Mormons... but we don`t actually drink or whatever...`` (Sister Baird has been imitating my ``woah`` all week).

3. He then asked, ``So... what do you guys do... socially?`` to which I idiotically responded, ``Well, um, as for social stuff I guess we kind of have social limitations? But if you want to know more about Jesus then we can help you with that.``

Afterwards, Baird Shimai: ``Really? Social LIMITATIONS?``

Yes. Everyone. I actually said ``social limitations.`` We`re good for nothing but helping people learn about Jesus. We`re monsters. And by we I definitely mean me. Baird Shimai just laughs at the crazy trainer she was placed with.

(But it`s okay, she`s just going to turn into me).

I mean seriously, what`s going to happen to me when I go home? Someone`s going to ask me on a date and he`ll be all, ``Heyyyy do you wanna go to a movie?`` And I`ll be like, ``Well, I actually have social limitations and I don`t go to movies. But we could totally watch The Testaments. It`s my favorite!``

...that happened.

In other news, we found five new investigators last week. That part was awesome. Two Saturdays ago, Baird Shimai and I decided to do ``Supes Genki Dendo Day.`` (Supes=Super. Genki=Happy. Dendo=Missionary work). That meant that we were going to try and contact over 100 people in one day. It was pretty much the coolest thing. We talked to 101. We were able to teach 11 of them. It was super awesome. Annnnd we only got the door slammed in our face once. That was real nice. While housing, we also met one of our new investigators who is VERY excited about that church. It was a really cool experience. It was the first time where I knocked on a door, started speaking to someone and felt like he was actually SUPPOSED to hear the message. He made it too easy! ``Man, it`d sure be nice to know which of all those churches it true...`` ``Well, let me just tell you about it, there, friend.`` We met him again and taught the first lesson. He was super into it.

Have I ever mentioned how absolutely amazing strawberries are in Japan?

We had a great week, and then we had a really not great day on Saturday where we couldn`t talk to one single person. It was like they`d just look at my face and say ``kekko.`` (No thank you). 

We got to go to Fukuoka yesterday for a Zone Conference and Talent Show. It was real good. We sang a parody on Wicked`s ``Popular`` (me, Eddy, Buhler, and Baird Shimai). It would have been way funny if we`d actually practiced. I also saw Sister Hinode for the very last time. Supes sad.

Well, that`s it folks!



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  1. Hey Cutie!! My "niece" (cousin's daughter) is headed to your mission in July. :-) Her name is Shelley Heaton so watch out for her!! I love reading your blog and catching up!!
    Take Care!!


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