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May 26, 2013

Man, I never know what to say. It`s all just one big blehhhh in a week.

Here are a few highlights:

1. Sister Baird and I are trying to get up on the whole cooking thing. And by that, I mean we`re just trying to use up everything that was left behind in our apartment. We`re really talented. We`ve been making fried rice a lot throwing in every single vegetable we own (we may or may not have included apples last time - not a good idea). Basically every day we ask ourselves, ``so what we can we do with this left over yogurt and eggs?`` or ``more eggplant!`` or ``So we have forty onions. Those go well with peanut butter right?`` Sister Baird is starting to go almost as crazy as I and she`s been suggesting stupid things like ``yogurt pancakes!`` 


We tried to make tenpura vegetables by ourselves the other day. It did NOT work. Also, Sister Baird can`t peel hard-boiled eggs. We`re a dysfunctional couple but we laugh a lot.

2. It got hot. Like, it`s WAY hot. A banana exploded in our house. And the candy-canes in our apartment are now the consistency of laffy-taffys. 

3. You know you`ve reached a low point when you make popcorn to watch ``The District`` together. And make fun of it.

4. We`re trying to expand our dendo (missionary work - just remember that word, missionarywork/proselyting is too long) horizons by doing some fun activity things. We`re trying to get a concert together for the end of this month to help unify the branch with their musical talents, and to bring in less-actives and investigators. Everyone likes music. Sister Baird plays the guitar and sings. My throat makes noise when I want it to, so we`re super talented. We`re probably going to sing a duet or something. But unlike the activity last week (ping pong - NO ONE SHOWED UP) we want to take sufficient time to prep so that people can actually come and it`ll be good. We`re way excited.

5. Less Active work is going well. We were able to meet a few new ones this week who seem to like us. Apparently I (Sister Smith) have the reputation of being a very up-beat missionary (seriously, word gets around fast. I swear people know who I am before I meet them) and so they`re all just trying to get us to work with all of the less actives because we`re friendly, or something. Well, that`s the only thing we`ve got going for us, haha. But the work is going awesome in that respect.

6. We ALMOST lost an investigator. She called us and said she was thinking about not meeting with us, but after a little convincing (``just give us a shot!``) we were able to meet. ...and then we didn`t understand a single word she was saying. Afterwards, we both looked at each other and were like, ``We need a member next time.`` Sometimes I get a little hard on myself feeling like I need to understand EVERYTHING for me AND Sister Baird... so that was a confidence deplete-r. But oh well. 

7. Lately, with one of my favorite members, we`ve been having some good discussions about a lot of things. He really believes that all of our talents will help us with missionary work. When he found out I did karate, he said that I was supposed to use that talent here in Japan to help further the work and get more people. He`s helping us a lot with activity dendo. We also talked a lot about the ``No Pain No Gain`` philosophy in regards to the church and also our bodies. If it doesn`t hurt when you exercise, your body is never going to build and you`ll never improve. If you have no hardships in life, you`ll never get stronger mentally, or spiritually. Food for thought.

8. I finished my Lesson Mastery. That means I`m perfect at Japanese now, and I`m a perfect teacher. Now I can REALLY train Sister Baird. Yay for doing things! 

9. We went to the zoo as a district. I`m pretty sure everyone else there thought us foreigners belonged there, too.

10. We`re trying to organize our records to make this place easier for the next missionaries who come. (AKA so they don`t have an experience like US). 

Well, it`s been real everyone! Have a great week!

愛しています!A faa`ito`ito!


PICS: 1. A generation photo! Hinode, me, Baird. Now Hinode really is a grandma.
2. At the zoo. (think Simon and Garfunkel)
3. Also at the zoo.
4. In a hippo.
5. Sister Baird can`t peel eggs.
Loves you alls!

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