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June 3, 2013

Well, here we are. Another P-Day, another transfer-day. I`ll let you know how that goes. Next week.
Sorry these emails are turning into just a list of weird things. But, well, my thoughts are all over the place. Just deal with it. Things of this week!

一Remember when I said it was hot? Well, rainy season started. I just feel damp all the time. We walk around in our snow-man suits and I`m pretty sure people think we just look pathetic when we knock on their door. But hey, if I were in America there is NO WAY I`d walk around looking like that. At all. Not where I can be judged by my peers. But you guys don`t actually have to see how bad I look. So it`s cool. All of the Japanese people look silly in their rain gear, too.

二We`ve been doing fun activity dendo via the members. This one guy is just the best. He brings all of his non-member friends to play ping pong and then we "listen to the missionaries" afterwards. It`s a perfect set-up. I`m also getting a little better at ping pong. That was irrelevant but nevertheless a fact.

三On that note, one of the investigators who comes to play ping pong is nearly legally blind. Watching a pretty much blind person play ping pong... is hilarious. Just think about that one.

四Cooking adventures continue. We made frozen yogurt with all of the leftover yogurt. I won`t tell you how much sugar we put in it to sweeten it up. And we may or may not be buying sweetened condensed milk to top it off today...
Also, we had a cooking party/thing with a less active family. And by that I mean we got a text from them that said "blah blah blah mdi(kanji)uoerk DONUTS adfkj(kanji)soeurlcmkl" and we said "We`ll be right over." We made tofu donuts and dango (google it). It was way fun and way delicious.

五I`m becoming obsessed with studying kanji. I just want to learn all of it. Learn ALL THE THINGS.

六There`s this one less active that we visit who is sick. We decided recently that we should just start reading the Book of Mormon to her when we visit. She was supes happy about that. We took a picture with her and she`s just adorable. Picture to follow. She looks like she`s 197, but she`s actually younger than you, Mom. 

七I had a woman tell me "NO" in English like I were a bad dog the other day. Also, an investigator told us her image of God was "Kinda like Santa Claus."

八We met a woman housing the other day who has Alzheimer`s/amnesia/short term memory loss/one of those things. She just kept asking us the same questions over and over again and it was super funny. "Are you siblings? Where are you from? Did you know I`m 82???"

九We did dendo by the ocean yesterday.. We rode across long bridges that over look the bay and the water. I felt like I was on top of the world. The ocean brings a peace to my heart that I can`t describe. It reminds me of Tahiti. The smell of salt and freshness wake all of my senses, and I`m filled with confidence. I feel freedom. I feel alive. A moment by the ocean was nearly enough for me to cast all thought, all sense of duty aside and run through the water just to KNOW its temperature. But, well, I`m a pretty good girl so I didn`t do that. But my appreciation for the missionaries in Tahiti was tripled a little bit. 

十Lastly, I felt some sense of satisfaction - especially at the end of the transfer - when the Branch President came up to me with the progress record in hand (list of all the people we`re working with) and said, ``And you guys started off with nothing? Someone`s been working.``
Well, kids, in other more significant news, I reach my half-way mark this week. Cliche or whatever, but it`s gone by way too fast.
Love to you all, 愛しています!A faa`ito`ito!


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