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June 9, 2013

Dear errbody,

Well, things changed again. I guess I didn't mess up too badly with Sister Baird, because they sent me another Bean. Her name is Sister Olsen. I actually knew about this over two weeks ago when President called me and said he needed me to train again. This is less about me being awesome and more about the fact that four million and ten nineteen-year-old girls are coming and Sister Baird was really good at Japanese so she could get along without me. 

Soooooo I'm still in Hofu... it's really strange to be here without Sister Baird. I just feel like we built this place together. It doesn't feel right without her. It made me wonder how Sister Hinode must have felt when I left Hatsukaichi. We were together for FOUR, it must have felt strange for her to work with those people without me.

Sister Olsen is pretty great though. She's from (any guesses?) Utah and she's also 19. She was one of those cool people who heard the announcement and then texted her Bishop immediately telling him she was going to start her papers. I really admire her desire to serve and stuff. I think we'll have a good time together. I hope anyway.

The day of transfers was crazy because Sister Olsen came late so I got to hang out with the Branch President's wife all day. 

Hinode Shimai's home now. :(

If I told you this already, I apologize. So missionaries have numbers and stuff. Like, numbers that we total for how many lessons we teach, etc. There's one category that is entitled LARC (lessons taught to less actives and recent converts). It is pronounced LARK. Well, as termed by my good sister-friends in Ube, they refer to those less actives who are progressing in coming back to church as PLARCs (PLARKS). It's a thing. It's gonna be big. Well, we have a PLARK. We don't have normal progressing investigators, but we've got a great plark. We've been meeting with her regularly and helping strengthen her faith. It's real, real good.

Well, sorry this lesson is lame. And by lesson, I mean letter. I'm a missionary, guys. I can't speak normally.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. 愛しています!がんばって下さい!A faa`ito`ito!


pics. Silly playground frivolity on PDay, a hike to see all of Hofu, and bye bye. And then hi hi.

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