11:11 PM

June 16, 2013

Dear all,

No real time today. We're going to the temple on Saturday so we don't actually have P-Day today. We're just taking a little time to write emails and stufffff.


1. IT'S RIDICULOUSLY HOT. I am a sweat monster. Literally. I walk up to people's doors and I'm all, "Heyyyyyy do you wanna talk to the Mormons?? Do you wanna hug me??" I sweat through my back pack. My clothes are drenched by the time I get home. It's Tahiti deja vu except in Tahiti I wasn't a missionary. So this is worse. Also, you're welcome for all the sweat details.

2. Eikaiwa is so funny. They can never tell the difference between the "R" sound and the "L" sound. I asked them what they thought "berry" meant and they said "Like the berry dance?" (Belly dance).

3. So there's #yolo, right? (you only live once). Well, here it's #yomo. (you only mission once).

4. I heard the Backstreet Boys in a store the other day and it made me really happy.

5. Over Mother's Day, I saw a woman cleaning up flowers. I offered to help and she said no but we talked for a second. Well, we have a group of people that we play volleyball with about every other week and that same woman happened to come. I didn't recognize her, but after a while of thinking she came up to me and said, "You were the girl who asked if I needed help that one time! You are so nice!" I guess I did something right.

6. Sister Olsen is from Heber, Utah. She went to BYU for a semester. She has beautiful hair too. And cute clothes. I just look like a sister missionary now.

7. President Gustafson (mission prezz) issued a really big challenge for the missionaries. He challenged every companionship to get a baptism between now and July 31. Hofu doesn't REALLY have any progressing investigators, but I have never been more driven by a goal in my whole life. We're working super, super hard right now and I told our little branch of 17 people in my talk in church yesterday that I was in it to win it. I might be a terrible missionary, but I am sure trying hard so try and believe in me a little bit. 

Sorry to be short. I love you all!


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