12:26 PM

July 7, 2013

Ironically, Mother, I was starting to wonder about my laptop and its condition. I do hope it's doing all right. Especially the stuff on it. Namely my music. 

Welp, this week has been interesting for sure. We did a lot of unusual things. Sister Olsen and I both very strongly felt that we needed to start things off here by strengthening the members. So (since there are so few of them) we decided to serve every single one of them. We went around and doorbell ditched a lot of houses with flowers, cookies, dinners even (we tried to really think of something that would pertain to each member - we made dinners for a family who just had a baby and for the family who makes us meals every week). We also created a game for a member who really likes games. It all may seem kind of silly and some of you may be thinking that there are better ways to use our time than making games, but we really felt like it was important to start building up some positivity in these members. 

We also sent out a ''Miracle Text'' every day to any members that we had email addresses for. I wasn't sure how well this was going, but we wanted to keep them updated on the work and whatever little blessings we could find every day. There was one Sister who - without fail - responded every day and also seemed so excited to see us on Sunday. She was curious to find out about the new investigators we found this week and she was eager to talk about the work. It was really cool to see even just the slightest change of attitude. We're hoping that it spreads.

This week we're going to do some more of that kind of stuff. We're going to write thank you notes to the members and also visit all of them. Right now, our biggest obstacle is the lack of faith in the people that are here. They have seen time and time again converts baptized and then leave within a month. They don't really WANT to think that good things could happen. So we're trying to change that. And if that's all that we can do, then great.

So, I guess things went a little better?

In other news, I lived through a really bad rainstorm. I literally could not have been more wet if I had been in a swimming pool. It was pouring so hard. We finally decided that it was getting dangerous so we went home. We were biking through flooded streets - it was literally a RIVER. I could barely see. 

Also, I fell over and hurt my shoulder. But it's cool. 

Also, we played Laser Tag for Zone P-Day. Because a member owns his own set of laser guns. It was awesome. 

Sorry, that's about it for this week.

It's been real!



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