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July 21, 2013

Dear all,

Well. Things changed again. Sister Olsen and I both stayed in Hofu, but we got a new companion. A new Bean. I'm training. For the third transfer in a row. I don't know who's trusting me so much but man. I'm tired. 

Just kidding, it's really fun. But I'm also really tired. Anyway, we have a new companion and her name is Sister Nigh (BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY) and she's from British Columbia, Canada, and she went to BYU-Idaho before her mission, and she's really nice and sweet, and she doesn't like rice which is a little tough for her. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

(I've been making lame science jokes all week).

Anyway. It was real fun to try and get our apartment 3-man capable. Which was, well, a little tough. Our apartment's a little small. But yeah, it's been real fun!

This week we successfully visited every single active member. (All 15 of them!) I was really proud that we got to do that. It meant that we were really busy. But I am really excited about the relationships that we're solidifying/making and all of the good work we've been able to do. I'm excited to see the progress that the members can make. It's super.

Also, we kind of sort of have investigators now. And by that I mean there are 2 children that we've been teaching. A 10 year old girl named Anju and an 8 year old boy named Yusei. They're pretty into it. The mom kind of listens, but mostly we just teach the kids. We asked them to read 1 scripture out of the Book of Mormon as homework and she said, ''I want to read all of it.'' They're adorable. Right now we're trying to plan how we can get them to church.

Also, there are spiders everywhere. 

Also, still hot. I eat, like, 4 popsicles a day.

Sorry. Nothing exciting this week.... Just a new companion or whatever.

Well, love you all! It's hard to balance email time with 3 people (1 computer) so I'm cut short. Because I'm a good trainer and I let them have all the time. 愛しています!Love you beaucoup!


PICS. Yamaguchi is beautiful and I really like ice cream.

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