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July 28, 2013

Dear all,

My prayers are with the Bromley and Candland family as they face this difficult time. I was so sad and shocked to hear of Susan's death. She was such a wonderful person and she will be missed.

Well, things in Japan are decent.

I had a very unusual experience this week - something that I have not experienced before nor will I probably experience it again. I got a call from my mission president, President Gustafson, late on Wednesday night. He called and talked to me about Hofu and how everything was going. He said, ''Well, I'll tell you, I know how hard your working. And I know that you're a little stressed right now. In fact, there are several sisters who are stressed out with the weight of the work right now. What are your plans for tomorrow?'' I replied that we had one appointment but the rest was just finding and a few random visits that we wanted to make. (This was the part where I was worried that he was going to come to Hofu or something). He then replied, ''Well, I want you to take the day off. Go to your appointment, but the rest of the time I just want you to relax and take a breather. I know how hard you're working and I'm in no business to run anyone into the ground. So do you think you could take some time tomorrow to rest and have some fun?''

I didn't really know how to respond to that... was it a trick question? But he basically said this was President's orders to take a P-Day. So.... we did! Poor Sister Nigh. She didn't understand and she wanted to work. I just said, ''When you've been out for nearly a year, you'll understand what a gift this is. So just try your hardest to be happy that at least I get a break!'' She tried, haha, but she didn't have as good of a day as I had.

I am definitely a go-go-go personality. But then, when I took just a minute and sat down I finally realized just how exhausted I was. President must have prayed about that one, because I definitely needed the rest. I am so exhausted. It's been three transfers in one of the hardest areas in the mission where I'm with new missionaries so I need to do pretty much everything. I make all the phone calls, do all the talking, all the planning, whatever. I'm mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually exhausted. It's also just been a stressful time feeling everything to be on my shoulders. Also, training is tiring. But it's whatever! All in all, I appreciated the little rest I could get.

That being said, we were still super busy and had a really productive week. With a crazy awesome miracle.

So there are these kids that we've been teaching. Anju and Yusei. Well, this week, we decided to go visit their mom along with another member to see if we could get her to allow them to come to church. She works on Sundays right during church, so we knew it would be hard from her. But we brought the perfect member who has the perfectly cute 1 year old to come help us. We just explained to her about church and that there would be these kind of people there and etc. etc. I was SO NERVOUS. I thought it was all going to flop and then it would be the end of our investigators. But, she took it very well. She was like, ''Oh yeah, sure, that's fine... my kids can go to church.''

And that was crazy awesome.


On Sunday, we went to pick them up. We drove with the same member over there. Well, out piled Anju and Yusei, their other friend, their two year old sister, AND the mom! She had taken work off and decided to come to church instead! It was crazy! Truly the only word that can describe it is miraculous.

So we had people at church. And they're really doing well. They all had great experiences at church and seemed to have a good time. I think that everything will continue to go really well. So, keep praying and stuff.

Other things of note:
A random man shouted ''I love you!'' to us.
There are lots of nasty bugs.
Missionary work in the summer is probably worse. It's so hottttt. I'm so glad I only have to experience this once.
Sister Nigh is nice.

The end!
Thanks to all of you for everything! Love you!

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