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August 5, 2013

Dear peoples,
So one of my companions is Canadian, yeah? Well, before she came, we would always just refer to home as ''America,'' but, well, now that doesn't really apply. So we refer to home as ''the homeland'' since that encompasses both Canada and America. It's pretty funny.

This week, I shared the scripture, ''Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy,'' with an investigator. It's a scripture that I've used a lot. I like to talk about how the reason we're here on this Earth is to have lots of experiences and especially to have joy.  Well, this investigator could not make heads or tails of the scripture. She kept being like, ''So.... we don't get joy? We'll all fall? Because we all fall, we don't get joy. Men are to TRY, but they won't get joy.'' Me: ''No. JUST ADAM fell.'' Her: ''We all fell?'' Me: ''No. Just Adam. We just get joy.'' Her: ''This makes no sense.'' HOLY COW SHE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND IT FOR THE LIFE OF HER. So that was a bad part of that lesson the other day.

(The other part of the lesson went pretty well and she's also a progressing investigator. So that's good).
Other good moments of the week: ''I have heat stroke... like a boss.'' (A random Elder in my district). 
Also I ate a really good salsa burger at McDonald's the other day.

While we were housing the other day, I ran into a woman that I had met before. She kind of heard my voice and said, ''Sumisu?'' And I said, ''Yeah... that's my name...'' (kinda creeped out since I didn't recognize her) and then we both figured out how we had talked before. It was kind of late, so I asked her, ''Could we come back sometime and share a message?'' and she just burst out laughing at the hilarity of my proposal. And then she closed the door. It was very strange.

Also, I got sick this week. I think it's mostly stress related. But it hasn't been fun.

Anju and Yusei are doing really well. They came to church again. Although we're having a tough time teaching them. It's hard to get kids to focus. Any great ideas/advice for teaching kids?

I hope you and Brooke were able to travel to and from Minnesota safely. I have been praying very hard all week. I'd love to read Susan's obituary of there is one you could send me.

Well, thanks errbody. Love and peace and stuff.



This is my great tanline. You're welcome.

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