10:34 AM

August 11, 2013

Dear all the people,

First thing's first. I got my death call last week. As in the call that comes to tell you when you're going home. So I'm going home on February 14th. Valentine's Day how precious. Anyway. See you all then. Plan accordingly.

This week was really busy. I have a lot of things that I COULD say. But nothing seems fitting. We had an investigator basically tell us that the Book of Mormon was written by evil men. We almost died of heat stroke. I have been embarrassed more times than I can count by fellow missionaries and members. We invited Anju to be baptized and she curled into a little ball and wouldn't answer. We went to a festival and ate junk food and saw fireworks. I almost died of heat stroke (twice mentioned - it was a big event). I'm growing two additional knees (seriously, they look retarded). I sweat a lot. I'm fat. We had a companion exchange with sister training leaders that resulted in a lot of self-examination and a whole lot of feelings of inadequacy. I got to ride an awesome Japanese bike to church. We had a less active member open up to us and tell us honestly and trustingly the reasons why she doesn't come to church. We've been working closely to help another less active overcome her gambling addiction. I heard a Japanese man sing in his great accent, ''Mrs. Robinson,'' ''Stand By Me'', ''Hotel California,'' ''Superstar,'' and ''Scarborough Fair'' to make me think of my dear mother. Yusei wants to be baptized. Another 80-year-old investigator took 20 minutes just to put his pants on before he would listen to us.

All in a week's worth, right?

It's really hot, guys. Like really hot. Before we do anything ever, we always say a prayer. The other day, we all three thanked God for the ''good weather'' and then burst out laughing in the middle of our prayers. 

I've been really stressed out, I won't lie. But I learned a lot of good things this week. I'm trying not to rip my hair out. The bottom line is Hofu is a tough area. I love it but I am struggling to find the right way to help it. Anyway. I'm doing great. I love it here and I am definitely working a lot to try and help Hofu. But it's not the easiest thing ever.

Sorry. Not much today. I'll write something more interesting next week. I love all of you!

Sister Smith

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