9:10 PM

August 26, 2013

Sorry everyone, I literally have no time today.

Here are the highlights.

1. I'm going to be a trainer again next transfer. (FOUR TIMES IN A ROW). I'm probably leaving Hofu, though we haven't got transfer calls yet so I don't know for sure nor where I could possibly go. I'M REALLY NERVOUS.

2. Anju and Yusei are getting baptized! They are so incredible. It has been amazing to see their countenances change and their eyes shine with the light of Christ. I love them so much. The best part of the week was trying to teach them the Law of Chastity and feeling like a seventh grade sexual health teacher. They sat their in complete silence and gave me looks like, ''Would you please stop talking?'' or at least ''What is GOING ON.''
Also, a great moment was when we showed them a picture of President Monson and Anju said, ''He is NOT handsome.''

3. I had two very spiritual experiences with less active members. They are two members who have really been able to put their trust in me and in us and who have taken some very big steps to come back to church. It was an incredible week.

4. It rained a lot. I was cold for the first time in months.

I'm really sorry friends! I promise I'll write more next week!

Well, it's been real!
 Sista Sumisu.

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