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September 1, 2013

Well, things are definitely different!

So, I was transferred. I am now in Kumamoto serving in the Shimizu ward with Sisters Johnson and Maynes. Sister Johnson came into the mission at the same time as Sister Olsen (third transfer) and Sister Maynes is a bean (a new missionary). They are both really awesome. It's fun because for the first time on my mission, I'm with sisters who are closer to my age (not nineteen - no offense). I can tell already that we will get along great and that we'll be able to work well together.

Oh, yes, Mom. Since I know you'll ask me. Sister Johnson is from Utah. She went to Utah State. She looks like Kiera Knightley. Sister Maynes is from LA. She went to BYU and is a cello performance major. Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) is in her home ward and they're tight. Basically, she's a super big deal.

Another thing of note is I have also been made a Sister Training Leader. Basically the equivalent of a Zone Leader but for the gurlz. So I get to go on companion exchanges with the sisters in the Kumamoto and Kagoshima zones. I'm excited because that means I'll get to see different areas and work with a bunch of different sisters. I go to Fukuoka tomorrow for training. Basically it just means that my time will go by much faster because I travel more.

I'm excited! 

Oh, I forgot, we're opening up this area too. We're all new here. So that's a challenge. We got to our new - not apartment, but HOUSE (It's ginormous! It's bigger than any apartment I've ever had in college!) and there was nothing there but a few pieces of furniture (luckily). But nothing for proselyting. So we're still getting settled. I don't think we'll get to work too much this week because we still need to buy a bunch of things for the apartment and start up an area book and find our way around. So that part's busy too. 

So, guys, I had a really rough time in Hofu. It was a tough area for many different reasons. I know that my experience there was important for my personal growth. But man, it is a super stark contrast to Shimizu. It seems like this place is just going to BOOM. The members couldn't be more excited to get sisters here. We were accepted with open arms and open hearts. I couldn't be more pumped to be here. 

However, I was comforted before I transferred to see that small little branch gathered at the bus to say goodbye to me. They seemed grateful for what little I could do there. Though I don't think they all liked me, I think they ended up being grateful. Maybe I didn't screw up too bad there after all.

Anyway. Things are good. Also, we have no food in our apartment right now. So that's fun.

Take care errbody!



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