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September 9, 2013

Dear all,

Well, story of my life now, I have no time to email. But here are the deets.

I HAVE BEEN OUT ON MY MISSION FOR A YEAR NOW. I celebrated by buying some peach cake. It was delicious.

Guys, this area is magical. Seriously, the members are amazing, it's full of prepared people and OH it's just awesome. My companions are awesome. I have a feeling like Heavenly Father is really blessing me right now with just the best of circumstances.

So, I had a lot of ''Sister-Training Leader" duties this week. I went to Fukuoka for a day for Missionary Leadership Council. It was fantabulous. Good chocolate cake. Had to wake up at 4 in the morning to catch a bus. Fun stuff.

I also got to prepare with the Zone Leaders for our Zone Training Meeting this week. I really like giving training and stuff, so it was fun (but also stressful) to plan for. I talked about Companion Relationships and how when you don't get along with your companion then dendo isn't fun. But if you are, then dendo is fun. The main parallel I drew was to investigators. Sometimes we're frustrated with investigators. But we don't sit and pout about it, we fight for them. We pray for them. We study our guts out for them. We do everything in our power to save them. What if we did the same for our companions? So I challenged the missionaries to all treat their companion like their number one investigator. I thought it went pretty well.

On that note, we also gave a ward fireside last minute. I was actually furious because we only had a day's notice, and it could have been a WHOLE lot better if we'd had longer to prepare. But, well, whatever. I'm over it. And it went okay. It's this prepared slide show about Elder Nelson's ''Catch the Wave'' talk that they're doing in every single area throughout the mission. It's really good. It talks about some ways that we can share the gospel with our friends by being honest about our beliefs, ''decoupling'' (separating our relationship and our church beliefs), and using Mormon words in normal conversation to spark gospel conversation. It was fun. We had all the members practice and stuff. A member of the Area 70 was there and he seemed to think we did a good job, so I'll take it!

Also, we had a CRAZY miracle happen. Like, only the kind that you think aren't actually real. A random former investigator of, like, 7 years ago made an appointment with the bishop, told him she had a strange experience and that she wanted to be baptized in 2 weeks. So the Bishop introduces us and asks us to teach her to prepare for her baptism. Um, sure? Yeah, we can do that thing.


Seriously, this area is magical.

I get to go on some companion exchanges this week because there are some struggling sisters and some companionship issues. FUN STUFF FOR ME. 

I do feel like my companionship right now is more of a companionship. I'm still the primary Japanese speaker, but the both of them are very capable missionaries and, well, just people in general. So we're doing awesome!

Also, I ate horse meat. It's a big thing here.

Also, I shot a basketball for the first time in 9 months. It was amazing. I made it.

Love to errbody and stuff!

Sorry, my camera is having issues so I haven't been able to send pictures. But here's one that Sister Olsen sent me of Anju and Yusei's baptism that I missed! 

(I'm still counting it. I DID EVERYTHING FOR THOSE KIDS).


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