7:58 PM

Dear all the people (or maybe just Mom depending on who's still around anymore).

Oh man, things are so stinkin' busy. I feel like tomorrow I'll be on a plane ride home and I won't even know what happened!

So basically the coolest thing every happened - we're getting a pretty well free baptism this week. So I mentioned the woman who approached the Bishop last week. Well, here's her story.

She met with sister missionaries 7 years ago (on September 21st to be exact). She had a problem with her bike and on the way to the bike shop to fix it, she ran into them at a stop light. She was impressed with the fact that the angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith also onSeptember 21st. She thought that was a cool coincidence. She started taking the lessons but didn't want to be baptized right then. But she still liked the church. So basically for the space of 7 years, she has been reading the scriptures, the Liahona, praying, and obeying all of the commandments minus the Sabbath day. Then, about 6 years later, she had another problem with her bike. She went to the same bike shop, and at the same stop light she ran into the Elders. That got her thinking about the church again.

Now, about a month ago, she'd been having feelings like she needed to be baptized. Her ancestors were in the spirit world telling her that she needed to be saved. She realized that it was almost September - and that September 21st was coming up. Also, it was aSaturday. So she knew she needed to be baptized on September 21st. And here we are basically doing nothing but reviewing gospel principles that she knows by heart.

It is so insane! 

I didn't know this kind of stuff ACTUALLY happened!

So that's going down this Saturday.

Also this week I went to dendo with two sisters who were struggling. It was pretty good I think. It's fun to see different areas. This week I'm going to Kagoshima. The only down side is leaving my companions for a few days at a time. 

Kumamoto is magic, guys!

However, the other night there was a ginormous flying cockroach in our bedroom. And... it was bad news. We couldn't sleep. Don't worry, I have a great video of us screaming and running down the stairs that I'll show all of you when I get home.

Life's great! Hope everybody is great back home!

Love and stuff,



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