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Dear everybody,

Well, basically I feel like the world is SHATTERING this transfer. Like, literally every single missionary is being transferred. 

I was feeling all comfortable and fine about transfers until Friday night when we got a call from the APs saying that Johnson Shimai needed to go to Fukuoka on Monday. That meant that she was either training or breaking (being a new missionary's second companion). So we spent the whole weekend freaking out about transfers. That meant for sure that Johnson and I wouldn't be companions, but there was still a chance for me and Maynes. All in all, we were sad and stuff.

Well, even though I haven't gotten the transfer call yet, I know 80% of what's happening.

So in Kumamoto there are three sister areas, Kumamoto, Nagamine, and Shimizu. Kumamoto is Johnson's bean area (first area). Last week, one sister in Nagamine had to go home. So now turns out Johnson Shimai AND Maynes Shimai are being transferred up to Nagamine to be with the companion left behind. I could not have been more SHOCKED to hear that they were BOTH leaving Shimizu. So Johnson Shimai is going back to the apartment that she literally just came from last transfer. 

That left me here. I was THINKING that I was going to get an older missionary as a companion - probably another Sister Training Leader. But then I heard from the District Leader last night that... I'm training again. Seriously. The fifth time in a row. I will not lie when I say that I was pretty well disappointed. I still haven't gotten the transfer call yet, but I'm pretty sure that's what's going down. A few questions still remain, I'm wondering if another companionship of sisters will come here (I need someone here so I can leave and go on splits) or maybe I'll be in a tri-companionship again. Who knows. I literally have no idea why they're having me train again. There are only three sisters coming in this time, I don't understand!

I just really wanted to have these companions for more than 1 transfer. :( Is that too much to ask?

Sorry to freak out, guys. It's been a really stressful two days.

In other news, we finally got to work on visiting some less actives. I'm counting down the HOURS until conference I'm so pumped, Yamamoto Shimai is great, our other investigators are so-so but we're hoping to see some progression this week, and I'm really depressed about next transfer. 

That's all!

I'll have more exciting things to say next week.

I love all of you people.


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