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Dear all the people,

Well. My bad. I retract all previous statements.

Not too long after I sent my last email we got our transfer call from the APs. This phone call is usually a lot more nerve-wracking, but we all pretty much knew what was happening. So it was kind of whatever. But this Elder finished with me and he said, ''Sister Smith, do you want to know who your new companion is?''

''Yes, please. Tell me that thing.''

''What is your dream?''

I was not in the mood to be messed with. So I said, ''I don't know. Just tell me.''

And then he said, ''No, really!  I think it'll be good! What's your dream?''


He then said,  ''Buhler Shimai.''

And then I said, ''KATIE BUHLER??''

He was right - it was my dream.

So I knew Buhler in the MTC - she is one transfer ahead of me. I've basically followed her in all of her callings (MTC coordinating sister, Sister Training Leader, etc.) and we've been around each other a decent amount on our missions. (We were both in Yamaguchi for those three transfers). She's basically my favorite person in the mission, probs. I couldn't be more thrilled to have this companion. She's only got two transfers left (I've only got three!) so I'll probably be with her to the end and kill her off. I sure hope so. We're both Sister Training Leaders - it's SO much better to have us in a companionship so we can actually communicate how to help the sisters. She's also a way better missionary than me so the work will go well.

It's been a really strange adjustment, though, working with a missionary who knows what she's doing. I feel stressed because I'm NOT feeling stressed. I've been training missionaries for so long that I'd gotten used to feeling pressure, getting everything done by myself and feeling stressed that everything rested on my shoulders. Now I'm with someone who's even better! It's a pretty nice feeling, let me tell you. I am really looking forward to this transfer of working with someone I already love. She reminds me a ton of Brooke (whom I also like a lot and stuff). 

She's from Colorado (near Fort Collins, in fact) and she's a BYU student though a year ahead of me. Ironically, we had a mutual friend back home and I had actually met her once before. We sat next to each other at a BYU Basketball game, like, two years ago. Small world.

So basically life is super good.

In other news, we met a really boss person yesterday. I stopped her on the street and said, ''I'm a representative of Jesus Christ.'' She said, ''Christianity?'' I responded, ''Yeah!'' And she said, ''Oh, I'm REALLY interested in Christianity. Where is your church? Can you tell me more?'' I was like, ''Yeah, sure, whatever,'' then I explained that our job was to teach about the doctrine to people. ''Can I learn from you? Can I meet sometime? How about tomorrow? Is it okay if I bring a friend?''

''Yeah, sure, whatever. If you want to.''

DUDE, this girl is GOLDEN and she's totally going to be baptized. She's from China (that's where all of the golden people are) and I'm really excited to meet her tonight. It actually works out really well because the area next door has a Chinese investigator getting baptized this Saturday. I hope she can come see that baptism and get to know this Chinese man too and then she and all of her Chinese friends can be baptized and we'll just be too busy teaching all of these Chinese peeps. It's gonna be the best. 

Also, General Conference was AMAZING! I loved all the talks, but my three favorites were probably Uchtdorf's, Bednar's, and Holland's. Also any talk about missionary work. Do missionary work, guys. You'll be super happy all of the time. True story.

Well, I love all of you guys. Hope things are going well. 愛しています!


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