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Hey everyone!
So life is pretty much the best. I've got a good area, a good companion, good investigators and good missionaries that I'm surrounded with. Things of last week:

Going to Fukuoka to Mission Leadership Council. It's really fun to see all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. I still feel like pretty little and incompetent compared to most of them, but I'm starting to become friends. Also, I love my mission president. I sat next to him during our Mexican food lunch (just preparation to hit up Cafe Rio on the ride home from the airport in four months - take notes, Mom!) and we were talking about sports. He went to the University of Utah, so obviously we have a few differing opinions. Well, I said that I know nothing about sports right now except for the few things that my mother tells me about BYU football. Then President asked, ''Oh, who did they play last? Jackson High?''
Oh, President. You're so funny.

Going to Kagoshima to do training for the Zone. Basically right now Buhler and I are working really closely with the Zone Leaders of both Kagoshima and Kumamoto to try and help both areas. I enjoy giving training. Basically we should just be the zone leaders because we get things done way more efficiently than elders. But it's fun. Also, we took a bullet train back to Kagoshima and it completely depleted me of money. WOES OF TRAVELING.

Stand A Little Taller. So Buhler and her previous STL companion Latu Shimai came up with this program. It's a four week program where the missionaries (well, before it was just the sisters - but now the elders want in on it too) focus on a different thing every week. Basically, I have a huge beef with how they do goals in the mission. The ZLs walk up to the white board and go, ''K... we need four baptisms this month. We need forty people at Sacrament Meeting.  Good luck and stuff...'' and then no one cares about the goals and nothing improves or changes ever. With Stand A Little Taller, all of the weekly focuses are emphasizing things that EVERY missionary CAN do. What we are implementing in Kagoshima/Kumamoto is:
Week one: finding new investigators. We especially want people to focus on achieving President's Standards of Excellence of talking to 20 people a day, teaching 3 of those people, handing out 1 Book of Mormon and inviting 1 person to be baptized.
Week two: member work. We're encouraging every missionary to visit more members and involve their ward mission leader more.
Week three: commitments. Specifically, we want the missionaries to focus on teaching investigators HOW to read the Book of Mormon, HOW to pray, and HOW to come to church/keep the Sabbath day holy.
Week four: baptism. Teach baptism more effectively and invite people to do that thing.
So yeah, it's going to be great! Basically, my companion is a legend and I just follow in her shadow, but it's okay. I'm just a little missionary. ;)

Misato-chan. She has a baptismal date. We had an incredible lesson with her. I don't think I've felt the spirit stronger than in any other lesson. It was awesome!

Finding new Less Actives. We've been working on that thing. And we've only been lost a few times! Don't worry, whenever we get lost there's always an old grandma to help out.
Sorry for the excess of Mormon talk. In other news, I am on a DIET. Buhler and I are committed to having Victoria Secret model bodies for after our missions. So we're exercising hard core every day and eating healthy. I've been off treats for almost a month besides those force fed to me. So, Mom, as much as I appreciate the gesture of sending a package - It would actually be cool if you didn't do that thing because I'm trying not to eat treats. But I love you.
Also, no effect from the typhoon. Safe and sound in Kumamoto.
Well, it's been real. Sorry I'm boring. Basically all I'm capable of talking about is transfers and sister missionary problems. It's whatever. I love you guys!

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