11:27 PM

November 3, 2013

Dear everybody,

Mario and Luigi.
Thrift store adventures.
Dart Competitions.
Teaching two supes high people.
Car sickness.
The great less active search.
Members joining us in fast.
No-show fireside.
Buhler's stalker.

It's been difficult to balance our companion exchanges with our own work. I feel like nothing has happened in our area for weeks. But we're going to do better next week. We did get the chance to search out some less actives with a member and we got a lot of things done there. (On that note, I get car sick way easier now that I never ride in one. Bad news bears). Also we taught, like, one lesson. We're moving up in the world.

But, we were able to work with some more sisters this week. I'm so happy because Sister Maynes is still here in Kumamoto so I get to work with her. It's fun to get together with the sisters and do stuff. Also, it was Halloween! Tune in for some great pics. We got a pretty boss Halloween party pulled together for our English class. It ended up being way good considering we planned it the morning of...
Also, I met a beautiful French man named Raphael and I spoke to him in French. It was love at first sight. And by that I mean he was in love with the gospel. It was fun to speak French.

Also, Buhler Shimai had a guy come all the way from Yamaguchi to see her. Although it sounds creepy, she wasn't too concerned about it. But it turned into a big ordeal and we had to talk to the APs and President about it. It was funny because while we were on junkai, the elders wouldn't stop calling us and being obnoxious about this guy because they thought her life was in danger and needed to protect her. So the Elders came and found us in the area we were working in (close by) to ''escort us home.'' Fun timesss...

Also, we decided to ask several members to fast with us for our investigator Marina chan. She's been investigating for a long time and all of the members know her. We are going to try doing daily contact with her and then invite her to be baptized once more. We hope that through the faith of us and the members we can see a miracle.

Also, for P-Day we went to this boss-man place called Round 1 where we could play any sport ever. We got in an intense dart competition with the Elders.

Also, that's all!

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