11:28 PM

November 10, 2013

Dear everyone,

Not much to report on this week. The biggest thing was that President cancelled all of the companion exchanges for the rest of the transfer. We were planning on going to Kagoshima, but since that was cancelled, we had a WHOLE week to do work in our own area. It felt so strange but it was really awesome. I felt like a missionary again. We got to go out and find a bunch of new less actives, see new pretty country side areas, teach Marina chan and just had a great week. I think that President just wants everyone to figure out their own problems and let the leaders - the people who can ACTUALLY do missionary work - do their work. Basically it was awesome. 

We've seen some awesome miracles with the members. We met with a young couple last Saturday and just talked about missionary work a little bit. We gave them this little ''I am a Mormon'' pass along card type things because they thought they were cool. The next day at church the members came back and said that they had passed some out to strangers and are trying to get people to come to church. There was another member who gave a great talk on missionary work. Then one other has taken the challenge to choose a date by when she will find someone to introduce to the missionaries. She said that she hasn't found someone yet, but she was trying really hard with everyone that she knows. It was really awesome to see how hard she was trying to do missionary work. Shoot, I just want to go home and be a cool member missionary like all of these people I've been meeting.

Basically everything is great!

Thanks for everything!

Sister Smith

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