11:29 PM

November 18, 2013

Hey everybody!

First of all, I want to apologize about that terrible email that I wrote last week. I was writing with two Elders of the neighboring area staring over my shoulder. So I basically couldn't write anything. Those two boys have been giving us a lot of grief. But it's cool.

Things are great here except that it got super cold. I feel like we just skipped autumn and went straight to winter. Which is kind of depressing. I just need to keep reminding myself that summer was worse. Though being cold all of the time and going back to a life of three pairs of tights and two scarves and hand warmers is not the greatest thing in the world.

Right now we are awaiting our transfer call. I can't believe that another transfer has come and gone. I only have two transfers left now. SADDAYS. We weren't stressing about transfers at ALL (for once in my life) but then last night at 10:00 President gave us a call and asked us about our investigators. He seemed to want to know how our area was doing. Before he hung up he said, ''Now don't speculate about anything!'' Yeah, Coach. Good one. So we were up all night speculating why he called us the night before transfers with a ''random question.'' Poor guy, he's always finishing up transfers at the very last minute.

This morning he called us again and said that we might be covering two areas - Shimizu and Tsuboi. They are neighboring wards. He said it's not official - we're still awaiting our official call from the APs, but it's sounding like we'll be covering two areas PLUS doing our STL job. So next transfer - with Christmas and everything - we'll be super busy. Which will be great. Still just waiting, though!
We have a Less Active who is starting to come back to church. We met with her a few times and then - after about 30 years of not coming - she just said, ''Hey, I think I'm going to come to church this Sunday!'' and now she's come two weeks in a row! It's been pretty great.

Funny story about another Less Active. So we met this guy last week - his name was Okido Kyodai. He let us in and fed us and we chatted it up for a while. He was a nice guy - still believed in Christianity. We had a really good discussion. Well, we set up another appointment.

At that next appointment, I thought that we would be eating dinner and also having a little lesson. When we got there (this was on Saturday), they came out of their house and basically just said, ''Okay, get in the car.'' So we... got in the car... We had no idea where we were going, what we were doing, how long we were going to be gone, or if we were going to be dead by the end of the night. For all we knew, we could be going to a slaughter house. We ended up going on a 4 hour excursion with them out to the ocean and then to dinner by the coast. They ordered for us and I have never been more nervous to see what food was going to come out on the plate (everything looked pretty fishy - if you know what i mean). Luckily the food ended up being pretty good - however there was a TON of fried tempura stuff that they kept forcing us to eat more of. We've been eating really healthy, so our stomach did not do so great with the food. The hour-long drive back to town along the curvy coastline was literally the longest car ride of my life. We both felt SO sick. We basically just went home and went straight to bed.
However, we both laughed a lot about the hilarity of the situation. Only on a mission would you blindly trust some couple that you'd only just met - climb into the car with them and not ask any questions and go on a 4 hour adventure with strangers. Call us naive if you want - but that was the day where I realized I had officially turned into a Sister Missionary. (Don't freak out too much, Mom - it all worked out!)

It's been real! Love and stuff to all!


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