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November 24, 2013

Dear errbody,

Well, transfers came and went and nothing happened. We're not actually taking on that other area either. We're just same old same old Buhler and Smith in Shimizu. I was really happy.

Today's been a very interesting week. We have been still going strong with our less active work. None of them came to church this week, but we found some new ones who seem interested and a few others who are progressing.

In Japan, a less-active member of the church is called an ''o-yasumi kaiin'', or a ''resting member.'' I hate this. The Japanese members seem to have this mentality that when they get tired, or when they get too busy, or when it's too hard they can just ''take a break from Church.'' There is one member who was the Stake Clerk for about ten years. He got burned out from working so hard in his calling that now he is ''taking a break from church.'' YOU DON'T TAKE BREAKS FROM CHURCH. Yeah, sure, it'd be nice for me to take a break when I got off my mission - I'm pretty exhausted as well. But I'm not just going to stop going to church... That's just not how covenants work. We talked to a few this week who say, ''God knows I'm tired. He loves me. He doesn't mind that I'm taking a break. I'll go back to church eventually.'' No, God DOES mind. He wants you to go to church.

I digress.

In other news, we have a GREAT transfer ahead of us. We are challenging all of the sisters in our zones to read the Book of Mormon this transfer. We're doing to same thing that the missionaries did in Tahiti of focusing our study on Jesus Christ. We highlight every time Christ's name, His attributes, or His words are mentioned. It's a challenge of reading thirteen pages a day. This will be the fastest I've ever read the Book of Mormon, but I'm pretty excited about it. You are all welcome to join - it's gonna be a party!

So, we had some crazy miracles yesterday. I don't really understand why, but it was awesome. We had met this one woman named Seguchi-san about a month before. It was on a Sunday and that day we decided that everyone that we talked to we were going to invite to church. She was the first person we stopped close to our apartment. I remember this meeting well because I was ALMOST hit by a train. (We were standing too close to the tracks and the little street car was coming through and started blaring his horn. We all stood there thinking, ''what is that annoying noise?'') Well, this woman showed interest, but she was busy that day. We lost all contact with her.

Well, yesterday she showed up at church! She had lost the flyer we gave her, but she remembered the general direction of the church. She went and found the biggest Pachinko (like a casino - there's a huge one right next to the church) and searched for a few hours until she found it. It was insane! She seemed to really enjoy church and said she would come back next week.

Then, on Saturday, that one random Chinese chick that we lost contact with called us up and said that she wanted to come to church too! So we had two random investigators of the month before show up to church. Crazy miracles.

Basically, I don't understand why these miracles happen. I feel like the times that I work the hardest and get desperate and give it my all... the miracle doesn't happen. But this week I really didn't stress or really give it EVERYTHING I got - I still worked hard, but not crazy. And then we got a miracle. I just don't understand the Lord's timing I guess...

Either way, life is good.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! You're the best!



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