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December 8, 2013

Dear everybody,

First of all, are you updating my blog? I got an email from my friend who said it hadn't been updated since October 20. So I guess I have a few (may I repeat FEW - but they're still there! Right? Right) who are still reading it so I thought I would check so that all of my peeps can be updated on the adventures of Smith Shimai. (See JD, I'm looking out for you).

That being said, we had a FANTASTIC week. Guys, it just doesn't get better than Christmas. I love Christmas! This week I'll keep my letter a little short because we're going to go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING in just a little bit. But seriously, everything is awesome. We have two absolutely amazing investigators - Seguchi and Evangeline. First of all, I adore Japanese grandmas so much. And Seguchi is just the cutest Japanese grandma with funny clothes and everything. When we asked her how her week was she said, ''Well, I was just excited to see you girls!'' Evangeline is also progressing really well. We're not QUITE sure when they'll be baptized, but they all want to be so we're cool, we're cool.

Also, the weather has been amazing. Compared to last December it's a dream. I was worried that we were going to completely skip fall and just go straight from summer to winter but fall FINALLY came! The trees are all beautiful and the weather is crisp. Our house has, like, zero insulation though so it's freezing all the time. But beggars can't be choosers. It's starting to cool down now. I think that it's going to start getting really cold about the time that Buhler goes home. Not fair....

We went to Kagoshima last week. So the other new thing that President is doing this transfer is he is steering away from companion exchanges (we still do them - but it's not a priority nor a must) and he now wants us and the Zone Leaders to go around and do training at District Meetings. So we went to two District Meetings in Kagoshima last week and we gave training about developing teaching skills. It went real, real well. We also did an exchange with two of the sisters there - I got to work with Sister Johnson again so that was real fun. More time spent on a bus. But it's fun.

Also, we went to a wedding reception. It was amazing. I say this because it was hilarious. I can't really do it justice on paper - but please remind me when I get home to tell you the story of the greatest wedding reception I've ever been to. Let's just say that we all made a toast with kool-aid and jello. It only gets better from there.

Guys, I just love Christmas.  I can't get over it. We went caroling with the Elders last night. The Elders all dressed up in Santa suits. We walked by this big shopping center and seriously, we were like celebrities. EVERYONE was coming up to us and asking for pictures. It was so funny. Santa is the way to go.

Well, I love you guys! 


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