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December 15, 2013

Dear Everyone,
Merry Christmas! I have literally had the most exhausting week of my mission. Because Buhler and I love Christmas, we decided to go a little cray. We set a goal to contact 1000 people in the week. So way back last May, Baird Shimai and I did Supes Genki Dendo Day. So Buhler and I did Supes Genki Dendo WEEK on steroids. We also set a goal to hand out 50 Book of Mormons and invited 120 people to be baptized. We broke it down with how many people we would need to contact every day, etc. It was going to be real great.

First of all, up until now I've been in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi. Those two places are full of not-nice people. I was used to rejection all day every day. I had become pretty well immune to it. I just assumed that there wasn't something wrong with my face and that they were just on drugs or something. Who could say no to this cute girl, right?? So, whatever. But Kumamoto is a land where dreams come true and over 80% of the people listen to me if they're not busy. It was a dramatic change from gool ol' Hofu where dreams are crushed and my face was stomped in 10000 times from the weight of the insults and mean words.


This week started off as usual. We worked really hard and had a normal hum-drum week of talking to a bunch of nice people. But then, on Friday, it ALL changed. I literally had the most awful day of missionary work that I had EVER experienced on my whole mission. Literally, I don't think I have EVER been treated so inhumanely in my entire existence. Oh gosh, guys. People are just so MEAN. There are a whole lot of scrooges and grinches out there that are cramping my Christmas style.
So we went out finding for pretty much the entire day. Because we wanted to talk to a lot of people, we went out to one of the busiest street corners. It's like I have the plague or something because literally people were AVOIDING walking in my path. No one would even walk NEXT to me. When I was able to talk to someone, I was greeted with hatred. Disgust. Rudeness. Inhumanity. People literally just ignored my existence and pretended I wasn't talking to them. People yelled at me to STOP. People looked me up and down and judged me for what I was wearing (Okay, I'll let that one slide - I'm not exactly on my A-Game there). There was a point where three people I approached just stood there in a group and pointed and LAUGHED AT ME. Like straight out of a movie. Or the Great and Spacious Building.

Shoot, guys. I was WOUNDED! My pride suffered a blow. I wanted to wilt into a corner and never stand up. I wanted to cry. I have never been so openly humiliated in my life. At first, I can shrug it off. I'm a Yamaguchi girl, it's fine. But we talked to over 300 people each that day. After a while, it starts to hurt. It just stabs you! Every incredulous stare, every mean comment piled on top of each other and I just wanted to die! This had stopped being fun. Why you hating on the way I look? Why you hating, all I said to you was I WAS FROM AMERICA.

But seriously, I have never worked so hard in one week. And these people we were meeting had hard hearts. This was a test that just about broke me. It made me appreciate the Savior more than ever before. Even after he was mocked, he still forgave all of them IN THE MOMENT of his suffering. You know what I said to Heavenly Father in the moment of my suffering? ''Heavenly Father, I hope these people go to hell.'' (Which is why I am still nowhere near being like Jesus Christ).

But it taught me a lot of lessons. It made me wonder why I feared man more than I feared God. I think of Abinadi who was rejected by all, but he did NOT fear man. He told them what was up, and he didn't wilt in a corner, he said, ''Don't touch me! I'm not done here!'' This is the first time where I felt hated by such a large group of people. Yet I still sought after their approval. I didn't want them to hate me.
Sorry, I'm rambling here. Tough days, guys. Tough days.

But, we went out again the next day. We went out again. I had very little patience for the rude people (I told a woman that she wasn't very nice), but I was able to be a lot bolder and a lot stronger. I wasn't going to let anything bring me down. I was a little desperate at the end to invite people to be baptized, so I just started walking up to people and saying, ''Hey! Have you heard about Baptism? Through Baptism we can go to Heaven. If that were true would you want to receive that thing? Nope? Okay, well bye!'' (because I'm a missionary freak, it's fine.) Because, whatever. Joy to the World, it's Christmas. And now we're done and it's P-Day so life is all better. I AM SO EXHAUSTED GUYS CAN'T I JUST SLEEP?

However, our investigators are amazing. Evangeline is literally the most prepared person I have EVER met in my life. She and her daughter are both going to be baptized on the 29th. And they are so amazing! I am super grateful for the great blessing that they are to us. I have never had a more amazing investigator. She just wants a second chance.

Well, I love you guys. Have a GREAT Christmas, it is the most wonderful time of the year! I love you all! Also Gap has a 50% off sale today so... we're going to go hit that up, now....

Sister Smith

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