10:30 PM

January 12, 2014

Dear all,

Well, it's been another crazy week. Not the good kind of crazy. Let me explain. 

No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Evangeline and Ai didn't end up being baptized this week. It was a big blow and a big shock. I wasn't even worried about them. But we got a phone call a few hours before her interview and she said that she wasn't ready. She has a lot of guilt over some of her old mistakes and she was in a lot of pain. She wasn't confident that she would have the strength to keep the commandments after she was baptized. So she got scared and backed out. I talked to her on the phone for about an hour on Wednesday. It was so sad and so hard. I talked to her the next day and she seemed to be doing better. But now she is ignoring all contact from us. All calls, all emails, she won't even come to the door. I don't know what to do now. :(

Also, due to some crazy things that went down in another area, we got two new sisters living with us - Sisters Sharp and Heaton. They are the new Sister Training Leaders. They are also working in Shimizu. It's a party house for sure, but it's been a big hassle trying to make space for everyone and everything. I ended up packing away half of my things. We had to get new futons and new furniture and a bunch of things like that. It's kind of annoying. Also it's been hard having two new sisters in the area. They are most likely going to stay here next transfer too so then Shimizu doesn't have to white wash. But it has made me feel like mine and Clingo's work has become void since we're only here one more month. I don't really know how to work since the new sisters are going to be the ones carrying the torch from here on out. But whatever I guess. I'm just motivated to try and baptize Seguchi and Evangeline and Ai. I guess that's the work that's left for me.

Also, Clingo Shimai got super sick. So that was no fun. 

We did have one sweet miracle yesterday. For some reason I had this super random impression to go to this random apartment complex where a less active lives. We did housing there and saw no success - I even had a woman tell me to go home. But for some reason I just knew that we were going to find a new investigator there. And then we did! We met this man who spoke English, was Protestant and had a lot of questions about Mormonism. He ended up inviting us inside. We talked for two hours with him and his wife about religion and we taught them the first lesson. They were very intrigued and interested in reading the Book of Mormon. They committed to come to church next Sunday! I am really pumped about it. He has lived abroad his whole life so he is very different from most Japanese men. He and his wife ACTUALLY seem to have a relationship and get along well. He also has three kids. I doubt that they'll get baptized right away or anything like that, but if he accepts then I can see him as a future bishop. He's a way cool dude.

So yeah. That was cool.

Clingo and I are having so much fun together. It's not even like having a companion, it's more like hanging out with an old friend. 

Well, it's been real!

I guess the lesson I learned for the week was that the Lord isn't done with me in Japan yet. He wants me to fight for these investigators. I'll sure do my best. But I hope you guys will pray for them. They need a lot of prayers. :(

Love you!

Sister Smith

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